Freelancers to enjoy. PrivatBank and Payoneer launched a convenient invoicing function in Privat24 and promised a bonus of 1,000 + 50 USD a year as part of a promotion Aroged


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On behalf of the Indians, and to help them to achieve some success, they launched private24, which, in particular, is suitable for freelancers with different types of work for foreign customers.


In May, the unsecured bank and the unsecured bank agreed to make a payment with a cashier. The launch of payment requests is a logical continuation of cooperative cooperation.

The new feature enables all the people who pay for the services rendered to get paid. It allows freelancers to quickly send a payment request and help their clients to make payments quickly. For an invoice, now it’s enough to print the balance and send a payment. There aren’t any regional restrictions on payment requests, but all countries can send money to all governments.

A freelancer might want to resign on the site for a website. Once you have filled out your request details, we send an email address to your customer with the payment method information and also a res. Your customers choose their preferred payment method and send money directly to their Payoneer account.

Maria Strashko, I am not a tourist.

Head of corporate transfers at PrivatBank.

For Ukrainians, in which they promise to pay 1,000 dollars with a card and $50 dollars to a payoneer account for customers who created an account through Privat24 after the 28.2nd of April 2022 – and when during the stage of the action, they then transferred funds to an individual or FLPs currency account in the value of a thousand dollars (equivalent). The promotion is slated to be valid from September 10 to February 10 next year from October 10 until 2022.

The authors made a new research into a portrait of a freelancer in Ukraine in the war last week.

Freelancehunt study: portrait of a Ukrainian freelancer during the war.

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