Earn Money Online: If you want to earn money on Facebook, download these apps as well.


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You can earn millions by uploading videos to many social media apps like Facebook.
From video production to monetization, there are plenty of apps that will make money on Facebook.
Thousands of rupees can also be earned by playing live games on Facebook.

New Delhi. The value of Facebook has increased a lot in terms of internet revenue. There are many genuine and reliable ways to make money on Facebook. Affiliate marketing can be done on Facebook, in which you can motivate your product, company, service or brand by posting on your Facebook page or groups on your current Facebook login.

Even if there is no intention to do business from it, a large sum can be earned. You can also earn enough money by becoming a Facebook app developer. Apart from this, it is also possible to earn money by becoming a freelance Facebook marketer. Download Facebook apps as well, which will not only make your job easier, but also help you earn money.

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Earn money with facebook fan page and videos
If you want to make money on Facebook, create a page. Because posting on a public profile won’t affect potential buyers either, but creating a special page for the products or services you offer will totally help you grow your list of potential customers.

People will take you more seriously than checking out your business posts in your public profile. At the same time, once you have created a page, make sure that the content of your posts and your Facebook page remains consistent.

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Facebook Marketplace is a social networking site feature you can enjoy. Creators are making millions every month from Facebook video monetization. Apart from this, a lot can also be earned through Facebook games. You must have these Facebook apps to earn money.

2. Facebook Creators Studio
3. Facebook Business Suit
4. Meta Ads Manager
5. Exporter/Printer for Facebook
6. Facebook game: watch, play and connect

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