Google Workspaces For Freelancers, Now Available In Europe


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Google introduced almost a year ago Workspace Personal, the version of your productivity suite targeted at individual professionals (as a freelancer or sole proprietorship) and now it comes to Europe after being enjoyed in other regions in the United States.

Workspace Individual brings together Google productivity apps by adding exclusive tools to a paid subscription

Previously called G Suite, Workspaces brings together tools like Gmail, Meet, Drive, Docs, Tasks, Forms and other productivity apps. Although the vast majority are offered individually and free of charge, bringing them together in Workspace strengthens integration and interoperability in addition to unlocking some functions that are only available in the paid version.

For example, freelancers and freelancers will now be able to access options previously only available in the Professional subscription, such as developed tools In video calls (session recording, noise cancellation, long-duration group calls…) they will also be able to live stream Google Meet sessions on YouTube or manage multiple emails for newsletters or email marketing campaigns.

Google aims to provide businesses with Workspaces A collaborative and productivity environment alternative to office suites As popular as Microsoft Office, and after it moved to larger corporate environments, it was decided to offer it already as Google Workspace Individual to individual independent professionals, such as freelancers or those running a sole proprietorship. . Thus, even without being integrated with a complex organization or multiple employees, these types of professionals can also use these applications.

Until now Google Workspace Individual was only available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Japan and Mexico, but as of this week it is also available for users in various European countries such as Germany, Spain, France or Italy. Membership costs €7.99 per month,

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