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Once you sign up for Life Protect 24/7, the company ships an activated device about the size of a pager to you, so there’s no need to program the device yourself. Once it arrives, you need to charge the unit for three to four hours before using it. The device functions anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

The medical alert device comes with an instruction booklet, a detachable lanyard to wear the device as a pendant and a charging cradle If you’re wearing the device and need assistance, one push of the button connects you to a member of Life Protect 24/7’s medical care specialist team, who stays on the line with you until your emergency situation is resolved—for example, until an ambulance arrives after a fall. The care specialist also notifies your emergency contact if necessary or if you provide instructions to do so.

The company recommends testing the device when you first receive it. If you push the button, you’ll see two lights: one red and one blue. Once you’re connected to the response center, you’ll see a solid blue light, followed by an alert sound, indicating that you’re going to be speaking to an agent. At that time, make sure to announce that you’re testing your device.

A blinking red light indicates that you need to charge your device, and it becomes a solid red light when the device is fully charged. The company recommends charging your unit once every 30 days for a full three hours. However, you can also opt to charge it nightly (as you might charge your phone).

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