The New Zealanders who sell photos of their feet online


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It’s the seemingly lucrative business just about anyone can get into – if you’re willing to bare your toes.

Across New Zealand, Kiwis are selling photographs of their feet to strangers online to make a bit of extra cash.

The strangers are buyers with foot fetishes – people who become aroused by incorporating feet into their sex life.

Sex therapist Angela Rennie says there can be many reasons why some people have specific kinks.

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They can be formed through conditioning – where one thing can get associated with sexual pleasure and create a strong link – or sexual imprinting – where some of our first sexual experiences can leave a lasting impression.

“So many people are shamed for their sexuality and sexual behaviours and fetishes and that creates a horrible guilt and shame cycle that often does lead people to isolate and explore it in unhealthy ways,” Rennie says.

Joining fetish groups, talking to a sex therapist, viewing ethical porn, and engaging kinks in a manner where you’re not harming yourself or others is the best way to explore fetishes.

Rennie does issue a warning to those considering selling foot pics.

“What I have noticed is a large amount of teenage girls see selling photos of their feet as a legitimate part-time job,” Rennie says.

“I do think there can be an element of harassment and power and control dynamics where they’re [the buyers] preying on young and vulnerable people.”

She recommends minors reach out to a trusted adult if they’re being approached for sexual content by older people.

Three experiences of selling feet pics

Jack, 22 (they/them)

Aucklander Jack began selling feet pics on OnlyFans in 2020.


Aucklander Jack began selling feet pics on OnlyFans in 2020.

Growing up in the internet age familiarised Jack with the concept of selling feet pics.

“Feet pics have always been a big ‘thing’ on the internet, so they’ve never been a foreign idea to me, it doesn’t seem weird.”

Jack started working on OnlyFans, a social media platform where content creators can monetise their work, in 2021.

With more and more users flocking to the platform to create sexual content, the site has now become synonymous with modern day sex work.

But for feet pics alone, Jack says don’t expect to make a lot of money.

“There’s this idea that you can get super rich on just selling feet pics, whereas that’s not the case at all in my experience.

“It’s something you have to put a lot of effort and work into to find a customer base.”

Jack no longer uses OnlyFans due to the demanding nature of the work.

“Myself and several of my friends have found [OnlyFans] very emotionally taxing and draining and super hard to keep up with, and that’s beyond feet pics obviously, but there is so much more mental energy and preparation and discussion than people expect there to be.”

As for the buyers, Jack says the kind of people requesting these photos and videos may be a surprise.

“There were several people I found people really attractive, and money is a non-factor for that, and I would have sent them feet pics anyway.”

Jade, 22 (she/her)

“Not gonna lie, I’ve got some pretty sexy feet,” says Jade, who also sold feet pics through OnlyFans.

Jade started working on the platform in 2020, on the recommendation of a friend, who was finding success promoting sex work on the site.

They shared a manager who took care of the admin side of their accounts, so the women could focus on making content.

The standard rate for photos of her feet would range from $15 to $75, with the higher price saved for customers who were “blatantly rude.”

“It would cost about $50 a minute for videos, and those videos only ran for one to two minutes.

“Some girls charge more, and some charge less, it all just depends – but no where over $500 and no where under $5.”

She says a high quality pic would include crisp lighting and painted nails, with an alluring backdrop like her bed.

Props – like lotion, sex toys or fruit – would garner a fee of $5 to $15.

Hannah, 22 (she/her)

Hannah's feet, pictured here, have raked in $500 over the years.


Hannah’s feet, pictured here, have raked in $500 over the years.

Hannah began “casually” selling feet pics after receiving a message on Facebook.

“Now that I look back it was pretty creepy – I think I would’ve been 17 or 18. I had just finished high school.

“I got messages from burner accounts on Facebook … It was someone in Napier who wanted feet pics from 18-year-old girls I guess.”

She eventually sold photos to the stranger, and continued making money off her feet through OnlyFans and Twitter.

“Some were really weird requests, one was like ‘for $20, can you stand on a McDonald’s cheeseburger and send a video of it?’ I was like, ‘that’s worth way more buddy!’

“They like a squishy food moment.”

In the last year, she has stopped making content on OnlyFans and now works in hospitality.

For a photo of her feet alone, Hannah would make about $10.

“I don’t mind taking a photo of my feet. I’ve had people who have paid way more, there’ll be people who offer straight up $90 for a video of you kicking your feet.

“Overall from feet pics, I would estimate I’ve probably made $500 since I started doing it years ago.

“It can definitely be a lucrative business. I know there’s people who have earned way more from it, but I don’t know the lengths they had to go to get that type of audience.”

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