KLT Develops the New ‘Pulsarlube M,’ an Automatic Grease Lubricator with Improved Durability and Customer Convenience


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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / August 25, 2022 / KLT, which has gained international recognition with an automatic grease lubricator, plans to release the new Pulsarlube M in January 2023.

It is important to accurately and regularly maintain lubrication for bearing in order to extend a machine’s life. However, applying the required amount of grease regularly in a workplace or where various facilities are managed is not easy. To come up with a solution, KLT has tried to develop an automatic grease lubricator suitable for various industrial environments for the past 30 years, and has recently completed the development of a new Pulsarlube M, which is soon to be launched.

KLT’s new Pulsarlube M complemented the existing product’s mechanical joints, strengthened durability with a waterproof/dust-proof design (IP65), and improved convenience by adding various functions such as backlight, auto conversion of setting mode and upgrading GUI. Easy-to-replace grease pouch and battery pack enable automatic lubrication for a long time, which helps extend the equipment’s life and reduce costs, along with its strengths in convenience, safety, and manageability. News on the product can be found on the KLT website (www.pulsarlube.com).

Meanwhile, KLT, a comprehensive lubrication solution provider that has established an incomparable position in the field of automatic grease lubricators for the past 30 years, is recognized worldwide for its technology with strict quality control and continuous product development. In particular, it utilizes patented cutting-edge technology to provide the most innovative and reliable automatic single/multi-point lubricator in the market.

An official of KLT said, “We will grow into a global lubrication solution provider presenting more satisfactory services to customers around the world through diversified and excellent products and well-established distribution networks by researching and developing to meet customer needs based on years of research and development.”

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Website: https://www.pulsarlube.com/

Telephone: +1 (847) 593-5300

SOURCE: Pulsarlube USA Inc.

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