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Stelve is one of the latest JavaScript frameworks for building user interfaces. Compared to other web development tools such as Vue, Angular, or React, which perform most of the workload in the browser, Stelve performs in-deployment compilation to speed up code loading.

The framework’s popularity has grown in recent years, considered the most loved web framework along with the most satisfied developers in surveys conducted by StackOverflow.

No virtual DOM

The main difference is that Svelte is a framework that does not need to use the virtual DOM, which allows React to store the tree of DOM elements in memory, and at the time of an update in a component, only the specific component is rendered, however, this process of manipulating the DOM slows down the web application.

Instead, Svelte avoids using the virtual DOM by taking advantage of its compilation step to wrap state and property changes in functions that can update the DOM in a specific way.


Svelte has a concise, easy, and simple syntax for creating component-based applications. Its syntax allows to reduce the amount of code to write, where the code in a React component can be around 40% larger than its equivalent in Stelve.


Svelte is a tool that will help you build interactive user interfaces, which converts your application to JavaScript at compile time, instead of interpreting the code at runtime in the browser. This way, there are no performance costs or penalties on the first load of the application.

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