I’m a business coach – three side hustles that could earn you $20k a month without any investment


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THIS business coach has at least three side hustles for those looking to make more money that could earn them up to $20K a month without any kind of investment.

Businesswoman and coach Andrea, who goes by the username @andrea.businessonline on TikTok, recently posted a video detailing three specific ways you can make more money per month.


Business coach Andrea (pictured) has revealed three specific side hustles that can make you more moneyCredit: TikTok/@andrea.businessonline
Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn additional cash right from home


Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn additional cash right from homeCredit: TikTok/@andrea.businessonline; Booking.com

1. Print your own designs

The first way to make more money per month without the investment that Andrea lists involve printing your own designs.

According to her caption in the video, there are avenues that you can take to sell your designs on products without having to deal with things like inventory and shipping.

“Sell your own designs on multiple products without Inventory or shipping,” Andrea explains.

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She says that it could earn you anywhere from $1K to even $20K per month.

2. Affiliate marketing for companies

Another way to make from $1K to up to $50K per month extra according to Andrea is through affiliate marketing.

She explains that promoting existing products online already from other companies can earn you commission without the hassle of dealing with clients.

“Promote existing products online and make [commissions] without dealing with clients,” Andrea says.

3. Creating digital products

The final way to make extra money instead of, or on top of your 9 to 5 job is through creating digital products, per Andrea.

She says that designing digital planners and templates are the best way to go, meaning you don’t have to handle a physical product.

“Create digital planners/templates, etc. without physical products to worry about.”

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For Andrea, she works mostly with the second option in affiliate marketing to make the most of her career, according to her TikTok profile.

No matter which you choose, any option may be good to either add some passive income or even become your next full-time gig.

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