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Five freelance websites for music professionals


Music professionals  looking to get in front of more potential clients, may find that it can be difficult to sort through the myriad of websites that can promote their work.

Depending on experience, portfolio and genre, musicians, DJs and producers can attract some big clients by simply adding a profile to a freelance website. Here’s a look at the five best freelance websites for music professionals.

Creative Commission

Creative Commission is a site that helps record labels and managers in the music industry find suitably talented freelancers in a broad range of related creative fields, such as graphic design and animation.

The focus of Creative Commission on the needs of the music industry means that managers in this sector will stand a good chance of finding the right freelance professional to take on the work required.

And of course, for creators on the lookout for freelance music work, this can be a great site to choose.

For each available project brief that someone in the music industry might put on the site, prospective professionals will get to see a description of the work needed, the price offered for the project, and which part of the world it is open to for bids.

With a quick look at something that may be of interest, there is then the ability to drill down and see the whole project if it looks suitable.


When people think about becoming freelancers, one of the first names they may come across is Fiverr. The site has a huge list of categories where freelancers can add themselves and promote their skills to companies and individuals.

One of the best parts about Fiverr is the way potential clients can search for a particular element that they want, such as a type of music or instrument. For anyone looking to get a bit of work, this can be a good place to start.

As with other freelance websites, it is important to check each request to see if it is genuine. Thankfully, Fiverr has safeguards in place to help stop freelancers and clients from being scammed. It also has safe ways of dealing with money transfers so that no one should be left out of pocket.


Upwork is one of the largest freelancing platforms in the world. It has millions of freelancers on its site, all bidding for work from a multitude of clients. This opens music professionals up to a huge pool of potential clients, not only because of the number of musicians on the site, but also because Upwork is a popular freelancing brand.

This means there are more opportunities to find work and potentially a wider range of projects to choose from. It is worth noting that, as with other freelancing websites, it is vital that artists deal with them and any money transactions on the site, rather than directly with clients. This gives you a level of protection against non-payment or spam.

One of the positives about Upwork is the ability to add detailed profiles. This provides a great opportunity to add all of the relevant skills and any qualifications users may have.


Guru is much like the other freelancing platforms, however, it does have one feature that sets it apart from the rest: clients looking to create a team of music professionals, are allowed by Guru to create a WorkRoom. This is a space where multiple freelancers can be placed and all of them can work together with the client.

The ability to filter results is also a highlight of the platform. There are multiple ways to select groups or areas of interest, which helps clients find professionals a lot more easily. It does mean users need to complete their profiles fully and with as much detail as possible.

Joining the site is free, which means you it’s easy to see if the site is the right one and also see how the process works. It will also give the opportunity to look at other musicians on the site to see what they are offering and how they are doing.


AirGigs is another freelancing platform that is aimed at the music industry. It is predominantly aimed at vocalists and instrumentalists and has a number of interesting features.

One such feature is the ability to search for vocalists by their vocal range. This will help freelancers match to potential clients a lot quicker and prevent false leads. Another cool feature is the ability for prospective clients to listen to samples of the freelancer’s work from the preview window. This helps to cut out a lot of the back-and-forth with ready-made examples and helps get projects started quicker.

For professional musicians looking to earn higher rates, AirGigs is a good alternative. They can post music and video samples for clients to see before they enquire, plus there are no subscriptions or upfront fees.

Other alternatives

The above are five of the best freelance websites for music professionals. However, there are others that are worthy of note just in case you want to look further.

  • SoundBetter (focusing entirely on the music production industry.
  • Encore Musicians (providing a range of artists and bands of all kinds for events)

These sites offer good filter options so that clients and freelancers will achieve a better match. Because musicians and producers are vetted, the rates for freelancers can be higher. This means better-paid work for those freelancers who are successful getting on the site, and guaranteed quality for clients.


For a freelance music professional looking to find work or some extra money on the side, these freelance sites are a good place to start. It’s best to choose a site that has a safe way of completing any transactions, along with a clear and easy way to obtain work. With these examples, one can quickly get set up and start getting making money as a musician.

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