Toshiba Releases Smart Gate Driver Photocoupler that Helps Simplify Design of Peripheral Circuits for Power Devices


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KAWASAKI, Japan–()–Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has expanded its lineup of smart gate driver photocouplers, the isolated gate driver with overcurrent protection for a power device, either a MOSFET or IGBT. The new device, “TLP5222,” a 2.5A output smart gate driver photocoupler, has a built-in automatic recovery function from protective operation. Shipments start today.

TLP5222 constantly monitors the drain-source voltage (VDS)[1] or collector-emitter voltage (VCE)[2] of the power device that it drives. Built-in overcurrent detection and a protective function detect any rise in VDS or VCE, the result of overcurrent generated in the power device, and gently turn it off.

The new photocoupler also has a built-in automatic recovery function that resets the product to normal operation 25.5μs (typ.) after protective operation is triggered. This simplifies sequence setting in the controller. It also incorporates an isolated FAULT status feedback function that transmits a fault signal to the controller when overcurrent is detected, and an active Miller clamp function that prevents upper and lower power devices from being short-circuited[3], helping to simplify design and reduce external circuits.

Housed in an SO16L package that ensures creepage and clearance distances of 8mm (min), TLP5222 can also be used in equipment requiring high insulation performance. In addition, with its wide rated operating temperature range of between -40°C and 110°C, it is suitable for various applications in harsh thermal environments such as photovoltaic power generation systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). 

The lineup also includes TLP5212, TLP5214A and TLP5214, which do not have a built-in automatic recovery function but reset to their normal operation by a signal input to their LED, allowing users to select the right products for use conditions.


[1] For a power MOSFET

[2] For an IGBT

[3] A failure phenomenon where Miller current during switching generates noise or malfunction of the power device that turns on the upper or lower power devices.


  • MOSFET/IGBT gate drive
  • Industrial inverters and AC Servos
  • Inverters for renewable energy (Photovoltaic (PV) inverters, etc.)
  • Switching power supplies (UPS, etc.)


  • Built-in automatic recovery function from protective operation
  • Peak output current rating: IOPH/IOPL=±2.5A
  • Built-in protection functions such as overcurrent detection, isolated fault status feedback, and active Miller clamp
  • An SO16L package that ensures creepage and clearance distances of 8mm (min)

Main Specifications

(Unless otherwise specified, @Ta=-40°C to 110°C)

Part number





Size (mm)

10.3 x 10 (typ.)

t : 2.3 (max)




Operating temperature Topr (°C)

-40 to 110

Peak output current IOPH/IOPL (A)


Recommended operation conditions

Output side total supply voltage (VCC2−VEE) (V)

15 to 30

FAULT feedback IC supply voltage VCC1 (V)

2.7 to 5.5

Electrical characteristics

Supply current ICC2H, ICC2L max (mA)


Threshold input current (L/H) IFLH max (mA)


DESAT threshold voltage VDESAT typ. (V)


Switching characteristics

Propagation delay time tpHL, tpLH max (ns)


DESAT input mute time tDESAT(MUTE) typ. (μs)


Common-mode transient immunity

CMH, CML min (kV/μs)

@Ta=25°C, CF=Open


@Ta=25°C, CF=1nF


Isolation characteristics

Isolation voltage BVS min (Vrms)



Sample Check & Availability

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Follow the link below for more on the new product.


Follow the link below for applications on Toshiba’s smart gate driver photocouplers.

Smart Gate Driver Photocoupler TLP5214A/TLP5214/TLP5212/TLP5222 Application Note -Introduction

Smart Gate Driver Photocoupler TLP5214A/TLP5214/TLP5212/TLP5222 Application Note -Advanced edition-

Follow the link below for more on Toshiba’s isolators/solid state relays.

Isolators/Solid State Relays

To check availability of the new products at online distributors, visit:


Buy Online

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