papmall® – the Marketplace for Freelancers and Clients to connect effortlessly


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papmall® – the best marketplace for freelancers

papmall® - the perfect marketplace for businesses to find freelancers and agencies

papmall® – the perfect marketplace for businesses to find freelancers and agencies

papmall® - the marketplace for freelancers and clients to connect effortlessly

papmall® – the marketplace for freelancers and clients to connect effortlessly

papmall® – a marketplace for freelance services that helps freelancers and businesses run their businesses with the lowest cost & reach worldwide customers.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. That’s why papmall® was established, to help entrepreneurs find a solution to finish their projects, help scale up, and connect businesses internationally.”

— CEO & Founder of papmall® – Mr. Jimmy Lee

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, September 8, 2022 / — papmall® – The marketplace for Freelancers and Clients to connect effortlessly

papmall® – an online marketplace for freelance services that provides freelancers and businesses a chance to run their online businesses with the lowest cost & reach worldwide potential customers. Especially new sellers get an incredible opportunity with a free 3-month maintenance fee.

papmall® realizes that buyers need to outsource more and more, but for many reasons, especially geographical distance, it is difficult for buyers and sellers around the world to connect with each other. papmall® was born to be a bridge for sellers who are providing digital solutions to buyers all over the world. Here is a list of tips to help freelancers and buyers work more efficiently even though buyers and sellers have geographically distant.

1. Freelancers know about your particular field.

By looking at their previous projects, you may get a sense of what a freelancer has accomplished and what they are capable of. If you are looking for a freelancer who already has experience working in your field, take a look at papmall® – a marketplace for freelancers, papmall® has a lot of quality freelancers available and work profiles suitable for many areas that customers are looking for.

2. Clearly state your needs when working in the marketplace for freelancers.

The first question to ask is what does the buyer want when outsourcing in the marketplace for freelancers?

Buyers have to write down in the priority list the important criteria, papmall® team provides a few items you should take care of and plan in order of importance:

• Price.

• Quality.

• Quantities.

• Deadline.

• Concept.

• More …

“Your Project – Your Responsibilities”: Freelancers must understand what the end project will look like when starting the project.

3. Give feedback and open communication.

A project cannot be 100% smooth, sometimes you need fast feedback or need more time to answer questions for freelancers.

Frequently check to require tasks, and ask them about project status. If the freelancer needs some quiet time to focus on work, make sure you want to work with them and break up the tasks so that you can follow up on them at a pre-committed time.

4. Some unwritten rules when working with freelancers.

When buyers require sellers to do extra work that wasn’t agreed upon in the brief will translate to an additional cost. Buyers have to fulfill briefing to avoid making last-minute requests to the sellers. Buyers should ask for the extra fee when extra something more in the brief. Because the freelancer has more projects than putting all of their efforts into your project with too many extra tasks.


Freelancer is your partner. Buyers and Sellers can use 4 tips above to complete the business needs.

Businesses may outsource their projects through papmall® by working with the seller. Buyers and Sellers can use a communication platform at papmall® to clearly state their needs to freelancers and help the project work productively.

papmall® also integrated feedback & rating tools for both buyers and sellers can review the final result.

Last but not least, papmall® manages project fees through the amount of work that buyers brief for freelancers and uncomplicated payment methods that help buyers and sellers more clearly about the payments. Some digital solutions that papmall® – a marketplace for freelancers provide:

• Virtual Assistant

• Digital Marketing

• Graphic Designer

• Web Developer

• Web Designer

• Copywriter / Editor

• Accountant

• Attorney

• And many many more freelancing services …

You can start searching at papmall® today to find the perfect freelancer for your business. Become a buyer now on papmall® to get the most exclusive offers for your business!

Mr. Dominic Vu – Operation Director
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papmall® – the perfect marketplace to outsource freelancers for your projects

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