Millennials Praised by Elders for “Entitled Ways” in the Workplace


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Members of the older generations praised the millennials for their “entitled ways” in a viral post on social media.

Published on Reddit‘s r/Antiwork forum, a user under the anonymous username u/lizzietnz shared a post praising one of the younger generations that received over 16,000 upvotes and 800 comments.

“Hello millennials and your entitled ways,” the original poster (OP) began. “I am 58 and have worked in HR for 30 years. I am so happy to see you. Where have you been all this time? Finally, a generation that understands morals, doing what’s right, living a REAL life that’s all your own and what is important (hint: it’s never work). You fight against exploitation, consumerism, capitalism and the ownership of labour. I have been waiting for you for so long. I am about to retire so I pass the baton to you.”

Above, millennials are seen at work. Published to Reddit’s r/Antiwork forum, members of the baby boomer generation praise millennials for their “entitled ways” in the workplace.
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Newsweek has published several articles regarding work including a worker who was applauded online after quitting a job because their boss tried to dock pay after a vacation and a job hunter who was praised for rejecting their company’s low salary offer.

Redditor reactions

“Recently retired 64 year old here who also happy to see their ‘entitled’ ways,” u/SithKittie agreed. “All they’re asking for is what every worker deserves at the bare minimum, and I am rooting for their success in achieving that. I am truly disgusted at the callousness, avarice, and wealth hoarding of those in the upper income bracket.”

U/OLDGuy6060 shared that he is an “old white guy” and has “rules” for his young team of workers and even his kids. “1. You are NOT brain surgeons. There is NOTHING you do that cannot wait until tomorrow. You hit the end of your day, you stop working! Work is what you do to make money and have a life, not the other way around. 2. YOU set your work schedule. Not me. You don’t feel like coming in, just tell me. I won’t ask for an explanation or an excuse. 3. I do not care when you work. I have [developers] who work 3pm to 11 pm and I have others that work from 6 am to 2pm. [I don’t give a f**k], you hit your goals, I am good.”

“4. We have unlimited [paid time off]. If you take less than 2 weeks of vacation per year IN ADDITION TO singular days off/long weekends, then we WILL have a conversation. See rule 1. 5. If you find a better paying job, [for f**k sake] TAKE IT. I am a senior level manager but HR here sets pay rates. I am not going to be able to match a 20k increase. Go! Be happy! 6. Your life and family comes first. Always. If you feel like this job is interfering with that, just tell me and we will fix it together. There is always a way,” the commenter continued.

“I’m in my 50s. Took years to learn to say no to [employers]. Do it all the time now. Like Nancy Raybush. Just say no. They will go away and find somebody else to pick on. Great sub. Keep it up guys. Screw them back for every second of your life you can,” u/Wilson-is-not-dead commented.

“I’m a geriatric millennial at 37 (lol) and I couldn’t agree more with you. It feels like society is finally starting to have some bigger conversations that we’ve needed for decades,” u/poo-scoop wrote.

What millennials want in the workplace

If a person is a part of the millennial generation, they were born between the years 1981 and 1996. There are over 72.1 million millennials in the U.S. as of 2021, Statista reports. Here are some qualities the millennial generation looks for in the workplace, according to

  • Millennials want a job where they can make a positive impact and can learn quickly about the business they are working for.
  • Millennials are interested in a workplace where their employer has created a positive impact on society and how the company shows its appreciation for its employees and how much they value their work.
  • They also want to work in an environment that has a great community of employees.
  • Millennials want flexibility within the workplace. They want their employer to be aware that they don’t have to be at work to get their work done right.
  • Millennials want a boss they believe they can trust and can be comfortable talking to.

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