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Getting items in NBA 2K23 doesn’t always have to be a tedious grind, there are some easy ways to earn VC, fast and free.

The NBA 2K series has never slouched in unlockable content, and in NBA 2K23 players can find a number of ways to gain free VC without feeling forced to commit an obscene amount of hours to find their favorite gear. Virtual Currency (VC) refers to the in-game currency in every edition of NBA 2K23, and plays a key role when trying to collect items in Card Packs or cosmetics through MyCareer. Although VC can be bought with real-world money, some of the game’s systems help to mitigate ever having to resort to that.


The game mode MyTeam nearly demands that players have a consistent flow of VC in order to compete with others by using their earnings to purchase packs. Adding to that, the MyPlayer system included in MyCareer gives players access to cosmetics and other special items through the spending of VC to elevate a custom character’s look. While not all players may need VC if they do not participate in either of these modes, the ones who wish to level up fast in NBA 2K23 could certainly use as much VC as possible.

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One of the more obvious solutions to earning VC in NBA 2K23 without spending money includes simply playing the game through matches. Players that gear themselves to completing Daily Challenges will find frequent revenue available. In the same vein, visiting The City within the MyCareer mode lets players claim a Daily Reward for just visiting the hub world.

Ways to Earn VC For Free in NBA 2K23

Being on Ante Up courts, playing games on a higher difficulty, using Locker Codes, and participating in Trivia are all ways to earn free VC in NBA 2K23. By playing on harder difficulties players become more accustomed to athletes’ tendencies on their team, learning which are the best at blocking or which are the best dunkers in NBA 2K23. While doing this, the extra challenge reaps higher reward in MyTeam as the VC gained for winning is much higher than normal.

Locker Codes are special codes released by the developers on social media occasionally that offer free rewards, VC being chief among them. Staying aware as to what codes are active instantly guarantees exclusive items that would otherwise take a session of grinding to get. While Locker Codes are promised, Ante Ups carry more of a risk. Players have the choice to bet their own VC in Ante Up courts to take a chance to increase their total VC by a certain amount. However, the clear danger during a game could come in a sudden or unexpected loss, maybe to a buzzer-beater by one of NBA 2K23’s best three-point shooters, that drains VC to put players right back where they started.

The final and perhaps most complex way to earn free VC in NBA 2K23 tests a player’s knowledge of basketball in the NBA 2KTV Trivia mode. Questions featured here pertain to general knowledge about certain athletes or the history of the game. VC earnings come from each correct answer out of the 15 presented inquiries. Players may look up answers ahead of time, or see if their luck is good in order to obtain as much VC as they can. Out of all the ways to be meticulous about VC, the easiest way for players still remains to play the game online. Each game played earns 400 VC, with an extra bonus for winning. Thankfully, NBA 2K23’s excellent graphical quality helps this title’s grind feel far less oppressive that players can enjoy as they compete for this treasured resource.

  • NBA2K23

    NBA 2K23

    NBA 2K23 is the 2022 installment of the NBA 2K franchise developed by Visual Concepts. This edition features Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker in the standard edition, with Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan in the championship version. There’s also a special WNBA edition featuring Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi for the first time. This new entry includes the Jordan Challenge mode and significant updates for MyNBA, allowing players to start their MyCareer during the 83-84, 91-92, or 02-03 seasons. In addition, team rosters have been updated to feature the latest players, and the next-gen editions of the game will have GOAT boat as its core campaign mode, with The City 3.0 for the last-gen editions. NBA 2K23 was released on September 09 2022, on all current and next-gen consoles.

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