Why Magento is Number One When Choosing an ECommerce Web Development Platform


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Everyone who is going to start an online business is faced with the problem of choosing an engine for their online store. In simple words, CMS is the basis of any site with which it works. It’s like a car engine. On the one hand, a wide range of platforms simplifies the choice, but on the other hand, it is difficult to choose the one that is 100% suitable for your store. Not only the success of the project and its payback but also popularity among customers, sales growth, correct work with the service, and the absence of problems and shortcomings in the program depend on the choice of a CMS for an online store.

Today, Magento is the most popular engine for creating online stores around the world. The popularity of the eCommerce platform continues to grow steadily, despite the complexity of the installation. On its basis, such giants of online commerce as Samsung, Gucci, Nestle, Lenovo, Nokia, and many others were created and are successfully operating today. If you are still in doubt about which CMS to choose to create your online store, contact the professionals for advice and qualified Magento development services, and continue reading our article, where we will consider the advantages of this platform for creating an online store. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s get started.

10 Reasons to Use Magento for Your ECommerce Platform

The unique features and amazing features offered by Magento are the driving factors behind its popularity. If you’re in the process of launching an eCommerce website, or looking to improve the performance of an existing site, switching to Magento is the way to go. If you’re wondering why Magento is the number one eCommerce platform, then here are 10 proofs for you.

It is Open Source

You get full control over your website since Magento is open source. The platform allows online stores to customize websites according to their business goals and objectives. Thus, developers can create a product, and marketers will promote the online store using modules. By installing or developing modules in the online store, you can add new features to create a unique and original design.

It is Scalable

Magento is one of the most popular CMS for building online stores around the world due to its powerful scalable architecture. With scalable features, it can be used by both large companies and enterprises that are just starting.

It is Easy to Manage

Using multiple stores on a website is a great idea. If you want to apply a comprehensive strategy and manage multiple stores in your online store, Magento is number one. Many companies have chosen it because of the multi-channel strategy that allows you to create and manage online stores from one control panel. Also, this CMS supports multilingual and currency functions and international support, shipping, and order management.

It is User-Friendly

All websites developed with Magento are very easy to manage and maintain. With the help of the admin panel, it is easy to control all aspects of the site. A convenient and functional CMS allows you to quickly expand the store’s assortment, create new sections, update content, and much more.

Magento Supports Mobile Commerce

Consumers spend a lot of time on their mobile devices doing research, comparing product prices, and making purchasing decisions, so Magento is taking this into account to adjust its strategy in this new realm and is mobile-centric for all of its eCommerce solutions. This applies to progressive web applications, adaptive themes, and convenient mobile checkout.

Search Engine Optimisation

With the help of Magento, an online store quickly reaches the top of search results, because search engines treat this platform very positively. Thanks to automated settings, the XML sitemap that search engines need will be created independently. All of this significantly increases website traffic and improves sales.

Security and Payment Options

Security is an important aspect of any website. And if we talk about multiple accounts for numerous sites, this can sometimes lead to a vulnerability. And if you ever face any kind of attack on your e-commerce site that can have a bad effect on your sales and traffic. Magento is a feature-rich platform that allows you to install robust plugins. Thus, it gives you incredible eCommerce security. With Magento, you can connect your store to PayPal, Google Analytics or Google Shopping, Mailchimp, or Amazon.

Integration with Third-Party Services

If the store is built on Magento, then it will not be difficult for you to integrate it with almost any system and solution available on the market. Payment gateways, analytics systems, delivery methods, CRM systems, PIM, ERP and more, are things that can be integrated with Magento.

Analytics and Reporting

The Magento platform has a full range of reporting tools. This makes it possible to make almost any changes to optimize the site for the needs of customers. Among these tools are:

  • RSS feed for new orders;
  • tax report;
  • report on unpaid items in the cart;
  • statistics about the products that are most often viewed on the site;
  • analysis of customer feedback;
  • reports on customers who buy most and most;
  • coupon statistics.

Community Support

Forums, databases, special encyclopedias, and much more allow you to gain new skills and help in creating complex programs and projects. The CMS forum is well prepared: there are recommendations, instructions, and a step-by-step guide for specific problems. The best developers, programmers, bloggers, project managers, etc. from all over the world are working to improve the Magento platform. The Magento community regularly informs users about trends and the latest technologies, which means that you will receive an up-to-date product with the ability to upgrade.

Final Thoughts

Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. By choosing Magento, you get a multifunctional site that meets all the requirements of eCommerce and has the most powerful functionality among existing systems for shops. It is in demand by most global brands and is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses.

If you are thinking about which CMS to choose to create your online store, you will not find a better solution. With help from IT Delight professionals you will get a customized solution that fully meets the requirements of your business, as well as get answers to administrative questions or help with customer acquisition. Over the years of work, our team has learned how to correctly and efficiently use every single possibility of the Magento CMS to develop convenient and modern solutions for eCommerce.

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