Is Manual Link Building Worth the Effort?


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So, you’re a business owner who wants to increase your SERP (search engine result page) rankings—but you’re just not sure if manual link building is worth the effort? Yes. The answer is absolutely yes. If done correctly, manual link building is an invaluable strategy to draw in web traffic but going this route takes a considerable amount of time and effort, something many business owners don’t really have an excess of.

Today, we’ll discuss how and why manual link building is absolutely worth the effort, and we’ll brainstorm ways to reap the benefits of this tried-and-true strategy, while making sure you don’t end up with more work on your plate.

What is Link Building Outreach?

Link building outreach is the process of getting other websites to add links to their content, directing readers to your website. Simply put, you reach out to other people and ask them to link back to your site.

High quality backlinks help bring in organic traffic through a couple of paths:

  1. People click on links to your site on other pages
  2. Through increasing your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings

Manual Link Building vs Automatic

There are a couple of ways you can get other people to link back to your site—through manual or automatic avenues.


As the name implies, manual link building is where you find and acquire homes for your links manually. This strategy involves contacting websites individually and having a conversation. While time consuming, this method has plenty of benefits that we’ll get into here in a minute.


Automatic link building is where the process of finding homes for your links has been—you guessed it—automated. This involves submitting your links to websites and databases and then letting their software take the reigns. While saving time is a definite check in the pro column here, automatic link building has several disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that there’s the potential for automatically generated backlinks to be harmful to your business. Google can detect low-quality backlinks and your reputation and SERP rankings could suffer.

Why is Manual Link Building Superior?

While automatic link building certainly has its advantages, manual link building has something going for it that makes the effort so worth it—human connection and authenticity. Building an authentic backlink profile puts you at an incredible advantage over your competitors who have an abundance of low-quality, spammy backlinks randomly plugged in all over the internet. Authenticity builds trust, spam breaks it.

When you employ a manual outreach link building strategy, you get to have full control over where your backlinks live. You get to choose websites that match the values of your business and target audience, which is such an incredibly important thing to consider if you want to nurture meaningful relationships with your existing and prospective clients or customers.

Is Outsourcing Right For You?

When it comes to being a business owner, time is in short supply and it’s really tough to figure out how to make best use of the time you do have. This is why it makes total sense that the time saving nature of automatic link building would be appealing.

Outsourcing can help provide the best of both worlds—saving time and maintaining authenticity and trust.

If you decide that manual outreach link building is important to your business strategy, but you just don’t have the time or staffing to put in the work, outsourcing is always a stellar option. In fact, 62% of companies outsource their content marketing, so you’re definitely in the majority here. Just be sure to find a team that specializes in building quality relationships so that you can sit back, trust the process, and watch your website traffic grow while keeping the authenticity of your relationships with your clients intact.

If you need assistance with the manual link building process, don’t hesitate to contact our folk Outreach Bee. I’m sure they can surely help you.

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