Storytelling NFTs – What Are They & How You Can Earn Money With Them?


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The term “storytelling” is one that gets thrown around quite often within the blockchain space.

And of course, anything that has some hype behind it will get its NFT pairing so, guess what? We got ourselves a whole new brand of NFTs – we put storytelling and slap NFT next to it so we get storytelling NFTs. Isn’t that cool?

But what does it actually mean? Is it just another buzzword used by crypto enthusiasts? Or could it be something much bigger?

In short, yes. Yes, it is very big. And it’s growing every single day.

The term “storytelling NFTs” refers to digital collectibles that tell stories. These collectible items are often referred to as “NFTs,” short for “nonfungible tokens.” You might know them better as crypto assets such as ERC721 tokens.

In the past few months, the concept has become popular in parts of the Twitter NFT community. Some even refer to it as the next big thing in terms of blockchain technology.

However, the concept isn’t entirely new. There are already several existing projects out there that use the same idea.

So, what are storytellers trying to do?

Well, the goal is simple: they want to bring together different communities, like gamers, artists and writers, around one common theme. This could include anything from art to games to music.

The concept behind the project is simple: you write a story and post it online, where others can read it, comment on it and vote for their favorite parts.

Then, once enough votes accumulate, a winner is chosen. Then, the creator gets paid based on how much value their work contributed to the overall story.

Storytelling NFTs are about giving people the ability to tell stories, and give creators a chance to showcase their creativity. This is done by creating collectible digital assets that allow you to add your personal touch to the world around you. These collectibles can range from simple images to complex animations. They include everything from interactive sculptures to music tracks.

The best part about storytelling NFTs is that they are open source. Anyone can contribute to the creation of the asset. You don’t even need programming skills to make one. All you need is imagination.

Storytelling NFTs are digital collectibles that allow people to tell stories about themselves. They are a great way to express yourself while giving others something interesting to read. You can even make money off of them.

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Here are some great examples of storytelling NFTs:

Don’t know where to start with Storytelling NFTs? Here are some of the best.

Bored and Dangerous is a book written by Neil Strauss, a bestselling author of books such as The Game and Rules of Play. He also wrote a Bored and Deadly story. The collection is made up of stories about people who get bored and decide to do something dangerous. They include a lot of famous names, including Neil Strauss himself. The collection is owned by the community, so they can change the name if they wish. At the moment, the OpenSea price stands at 0.51 ETH.

Similar to the Bored & Dangerous collection, Azurbala is another collection of items that can be traded for a PFP NTF. However, unlike the Bored & Dangerous set, each of these factions has its own unique experience on the website. For example, the House Calypso section includes a variety of events, challenges, and activities. In addition, the Sprawl section offers a number of different experiences including a PvP arena, a PvE dungeon, and a crafting system.

On the other hand – the other hand – Renga is a wildly different NFT collection. Started by Dirty Robot Works, the collection is a handcrafted one of 10,000 characters, each unique, each with an identity. The collection is vast; it contains the identities of the characters within it, and in its purest version, as its OpenSea reads: “RENGA is the art of story telling.” Currently, the floor value is 1.39ETH, a large, impressive figure.

Earning money with Storytelling NFTs 

Be creative. Write about your experiences, observations. Put your own spin on the well-known stories. Try some news-jacking. Do some parody. Something might click and you end up in the spotlight. And become rich in the process. It’s crypto, anything is possible.

Nonfungible token technology is changing how people interact with art. Artists are now able to sell their work directly, rather than having it sold through galleries or museums. These tokens allow artists to monetize their creations while allowing fans to purchase unique pieces without paying inflated prices.

The rise of digital assets like Bitcoin and Ether has allowed artists to take advantage of blockchain technology to build their own self-sovereign identity systems. By creating their own digital identities, artists can control their creative output and ensure ownership of their creations.

In addition to being a powerful tool for artists, NFTs are helping to reshape the narrative around art history. Artworks are no longer just physical objects; they’re collections of data that can be traded and shared online. As such, NFTs are opening up new ways for collectors to engage with art, and even for artists themselves to connect with their audiences.

In the world of blockchains, NFTs represent a new frontier of creativity and imagination. They’re a powerful tool for artists and designers to build meaningful experiences around blockchain technology. And while artworks such as CryptoKitties have captivated audiences worldwide, there’s still much room for growth.

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