After firing employees for moonlighting, Infosys to allow employees to take up freelance work 


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Infosys now wants to make things easier for employees who want to earn extra money. However, getting the company’s consent is mandatory.

UPDATED: Oct 21, 2022 10:16 IST

By Ankita Chakravarti: The big tech companies are slowly becoming less intolerant towards moonlighting. While several employees were previously pulled up for taking up external gigs, Infosys now plans to allow employees to take up work outside of the office. However, employees can only do so after getting the company’s consent. To recall, Infosys had previously fired employees for extending their services in two companies. Wipro, another big tech company, fired 300 employees for moonlighting.

As per a Moneycontrol report, Infosys now wants to make things easier for employees who want to earn extra money. However, taking the company’s consent is mandatory. “Any employee, who wishes to take up gig work, may do so, with the prior consent of their manager and BP-HR, and in their personal time, for establishments that do not compete with Infosys or Infosys’ clients,” as per an email sent to the employees, which was obtained by the publication.

The company in its email to the employees did not mention the term “moonlighting” but the email mentions the guidelines that will help the employees in taking up external gigs.

“We count on our employees to ensure that this does not impact their ability to work with Infosys effectively. In addition, as per Infosys employment contract, employees may not work in areas when there is a potential conflict of interest or by accepting dual employment,” the email mentioned.
Infosys has become the second company in the tech ecosystem to allow moonlighting.

Previously, Swiggy rolled out moonlighting policies for its employees, which allow the employees to take up side projects. However, like Infosys, Swiggy will let employees take up projects after an internal approval process. Both companies had mentioned in their guidelines that the employees’ additional projects should not hamper the company’s work.

TCS COO Ganapathy Subramaniam in a statement recently said that companies should go easy on employees found moonlighting as it can ruin their careers. Talking to PTI, Subramaniam said that companies can take action against people practicing moonlighting, but it is important to show empathy as the young people will be “dissuaded” by such action against them “The consequences (of taking action) will be that the person’s career will be ruined. A background check for the next future job will fail for him…We have to show some empathy,” Subramaniam said.

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