The most interesting ways Notts students make money


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Catch me sitting at the next Forest game for £12 an hour

Economically savvy students all over Nottingham are finding new and unique ways to make a mint, and I’m here to tell you about it. Whilst it may not be your bog standard pub job, these students really embodied the phrase “work smarter, not harder”. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next job, look no further. Here’s a carefully curated list of all the craziest ways that Notts students make their money:

Tarot Readings 

Kiana Naziri, a second year student at the University of Nottingham sells tarot readings on her Etsy shop. Her prices range from cheap readings at 30p, to the most expensive being £7.99. She has been selling readings now for over a year, claiming that it is “definitely one of [her] passions”.

However, Kiana says that after Etsy fees take a percentage of her profits, she doesn’t actually end up making that much money. Not only that, but Kiana has had to set boundaries within her work as she has been asked by customers to deal with some alarming topics. Whilst she finds it a rewarding, it’s not the most profitable side hustle.

Digital Creators

The Tab Notts spoke to Megan Mahoney, a third year Geography student at UoN, who did some social media influencing for the university. Mini influencer? Sign me up.

Megan often did Q&As on UoN’s Instagram, or vlogged a day in the life of a uni student on Youtube. This role definitely gives you a BNOC status, so if you’re looking to get in the limelight a bit. Megan felt that she was paid fairly for this role, however decided to put it on hold for a bit after some negative comments that she received online.

Student Engagement Associate

The title of this sounds a bit rogue, but the role is very cool. The Tab Notts spoke to Sam Nicholson, a third year Geography undergraduate, whose role is a Student Engagement Associate. This means that he is involved in making decisions education and teaching for the university, on the new Castle Meadow Campus and city centre. Sam had to make agendas, write reports, plan and get involved in meetings. This was an incredible opportunity for Sam. Essentially, Sam can brag about the fact he was involved in making decisions about a whole new university campus.

Events staff

Have you seen those mysterious people in the yellow jackets guarding halls of residency and other events around Nottingham? Well, that’s Showsec, a company who work for most of the events happening in Nottingham. Many students and non-students do this as a side hustle, working at a variety of venues, such as Rock City, Nottingham Forest City Ground and Nottingham Racecourse. It’s never a boring day in the office, and if you’re working a concert you might be able to sneak a peek at your favourite artist. Not to mention, you get those swaggy yellow jackets for free that will get you seen from a mile away. It’s a fashion choice, that’s for sure.

Clothing brands

The Tab Notts spoke with the founder of Concrete Jungle, Thomas Inch. Thomas is a final year student at The University of Nottingham. At the core of his company, is sustainability. The company grounds itself on the idea of connecting back to nature, therefore they use organic cotton and recycled polyester with a fair wear accreditation. Thomas started the brand in January of 2020, right before the pandemic. However, with a positive mindset, and sheer determination to spread the word about sustainability, Thomas has successfully created a clothing line.

In 2021, he sold 300 per cent more than in 2020, and then doubled that already this year. Amazingly, Thomas did this all whilst studying at university, with the help of his friend George Kershaw. He has to make sure that all the drops are timed well with his assessment deadlines. Now that’s a hustle.

Concrete Jungle’s latest drop











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