Arrived Homes Review 2022


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Fees Sourcing Fee: $3.5, AUM Fee: 0.15%
Minimum Account Requirements $100
Investment Options You browse homes that Arrived has already found, choose how much you would like to invest, and get passive income from rentals
Redemption Options Rental payments are currently dispersed on a quarterly schedule. Additional early redemption option after 6 months.
Transparency The Arrived SEC Filings can be found on its site.

What is Arrived Homes?

Arrived Homes was founded in 2019 as a crowdfunded real estate investing platform that lets everyday investors invest in shares of rental properties.

Unlike many companies that focus on commercial real estate markets, Arrived Homes provides access to residential real estate properties.

Additionally, its interests are treated as real estate investment trusts and are kept in an LLC and because of this, shareholders (you) have no personal liability which offers protection from potential lawsuits.

  • Arrived Homes avoids pesky issues that come with being a landlord
  • By leveraging the power of Arrived Homes, users can generate passive income
  • Anyone can begin using Arrived homes with a low $100 initial investment, lowering the barrier to entry

When purchasing a rental property, real estate investors are typically taken through several time-consuming stages. Arrived Homes’ real estate investment platform has streamlined this process for you by offering shares of low-cost, pre-vetted individual properties.