How To Make Money In Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord


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Money in Bannerlord is a necessity to growing and maintaining your army. Recruiting new troops, promoting them, feeding them and paying their daily wages all cost a hefty sum, and can very quickly add up.

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While just starting out as a lowly lord, your initial Denari will quickly run out. Right for the start of the game you need to work on growing your coffers in order to expand you army and overall presence in the land of Calradia. Here are some ways to make Denari and maintain a steady income while you grow your empire.


Completing Side Quests

Within each city, settlement, or castle are NPCs for you to interact with. Some of these NPCs are marked with an exclamation mark in the location overview menu. These characters are able to be talked to and will provide you a side quest to complete. There are only so many side quest types, so they will often be reused by different NPCs.

These side quests can often be very easy and simple paydays early on. As your army grows, you’ll be able to command companions to take a small detachment of troops to complete side quests on their own. This method would allow you to be completing multiple tedious side quests at once.

Loot and Sell Everything

If you defeat enemies in battle you’re able to loot the gear of their soldiers along with any goods and provisions they had with them. While this gear may be useless for you or your companions to equip, taking and selling everything to the local merchant only benefits you. As you fight in larger battles you’ll be given thousands of items upon victory, all of which are worthwhile to sell. Stronger enemies also offer better loot, offering a risk-reward ratio to each difficult battle.


Caravans can be a viable source of Denari, be they yours or someone else’s. NPCs in cities can be used to set up trade caravans using a companion and some of your party’s troops. This caravan will have a bit of an expensive start but will soon generate passive income for you. Caravans are also prime targets by raiders or during wartime so make sure they are protected by some of your best troops.

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Caravans are also prime targets should you want to do some raiding yourself. It will cause war with the caravan’s empire, but if you select your targets right this can quickly become profitable. Caravans are usually guarded by a few elite troops, but oftentimes carry large amounts of denari or expensive goods to steal and sell.


Tournaments are found in cities that have arenas. You are able to enter a tournament and place a bet on yourself. If you win you’ll get a return on your bet on top of your winnings, and a strong piece of gear. After a few wins, you’ll have multiple pieces of strong gear and can begin selling the other pieces you obtain for an added bonus. Losing in a tournament will have you lose only your initial bet, making tournaments a great place to also hone your fighting skills. Tournaments can be entered without a bet, only giving a small cash out should you win, but the piece of gear will still be given.

Get a Fief

A fief in Bannerlord is a settlement, castle, or city that is under your household. Fiefs provide another passive income in taxes. Taxes for a fief go directly into your inventory. Fiefs can be managed to increase overall prosperity, defense, and population among other things.

In the management menu, you’re able to provide denari to the fief. This will increase the building speed of various upgrades and quickly increase the prosperity of the fief. By finishing upgrades and donating denari to the fief, its prosperity will increase and provide more for you in taxes each day.

Go To War

Fighting another lord in battle is the easiest and most effective way of making money. War will require thousands of troops but will give you enough Denari to buy tens of thousands back after. Higher-up lords in factions will have more Denari on them along with the best possible loot. Defeating a high lord in battle will give you possibly millions of Denari along with the best gear in the game to be used or sold. Attacking large armies can also assure you a huge payday, as long as you’re able to win.

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