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When we stop to think of some of the most essential industries in modern times, the financial sector is one that immediately comes up. Over the years, economists, financial experts, and analysts have all come together to create this industry. In recent times, hedge funds have also started to gain a lot of traction, with many talented experts entering this segment. One of these individuals is Komey Tetteh

Komey wasn’t well-off growing up, and he started experimenting in the financial industry after university until 2017, when he realized this was his way to go. Coming from humble beginnings, Komey had to live on his own from the age of 15 and was forced to figure out how to find a job and pay for the bare necessities while getting through school and college. Komey worked at 4 different accounting firms until he realized it wasn’t for him. After seeing significant and consistent returns, Komey officially entered the hedge fund industry.

Recently, Komey has been working on a project known as the Institutional Trader Gap Project. This project enables traders to reach out and directly communicate with their markets with the help of advanced bridge technology. With Komey’s help, the need for a middleman is gone, allowing traders and professionals to direct liquidity terminals, allowing his clients access that was previously a luxury for the elite. 

Komey also invested in the stock market in 2010, and he started to manage portfolios after having a multi-year track record of successful ventures and projects. This was the main advantage that Komey earned as a freelance hedge fund manager. As of now, Komey manages portfolios of whomever he wishes, as he’s not linked to an entity. He currently manages multi-million-dollar portfolios. As of 2022, Komey has also started to invest in other projects, such as start-ups. 

Under the supervision of some of the top global jurisdictions, Komey has managed to trade regulated products. These jurisdictions include the highly regulated ASIC (Australian regulations) as well as FCA (UK regulations) funds; these have since become one of the principal funds they offer. 

Apart from Komey’s achievements and ongoing work, he also provides services where people can have their own portfolios reviewed via his bespoke alpha offering. Here, Komey not only reviews portfolios but also offers valuable input and discusses potential possibilities and strategies for that specific business. 

According to Komey, his early life was extremely challenging, and he had to quickly learn how to make money and work all at the same time. Komey says, “I used gym showers to both wash my clothes and keep clean, but within a month, I found a job that agreed to pay me a couple of weeks in advance. This all happened during university. I managed to complete my degree and got a job.” However, even after a challenging childhood, Komey has a very optimistic outlook on life. He says that we need to take control of our lives and get in the driver’s seat. 

When asked about his plans for the future, Komey mentioned that he has already purchased a residence in Dubai and plans to expand his work there. Komey also has goals set for his work, and he wants to manage portfolios worth more than $500 million over all the funds and deals that he’s working with at the moment. 

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