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UNC v. Johnson C. Smith: Post-Game Press Conference
UNC Head Coach Hubert Davis
You spoke of Caleb being a voice of yours out there for the other guys. Can you speak about that and the energy? He had a play in the first half where he dove on the ground for a loose ball and bounced back and made a three-pointer.
“I told him at the timeout, I said, ‘That’s it. Right there.’ I know you can score but those are the type of plays that win you basketball games.  Those are the type of plays that endear yourself to your teammates. Those are the type of plays that could change your game, and for Caleb to dive on the floor to be able to get another possession, that just shows his growth as a player. Not only can you score, can you defend, can you distribute. He had eight assists tonight and only two turnovers. Those energy and effort plays, those are the things that are the difference-makers when you are out there on the floor.”
Four guys who are out [did not play]. Just housekeeping-wise, can you give us an update on where they’re at? Do you anticipate they will all be back for the opener?
“They will all be back for the opener. All four of them. We talked about RJ [Davis], he’s got a sprained finger and we just felt like giving him another day to rest. Puff [Johnson] has been out for a week and a half. He had a sprained muscle around his knee but he was shooting yesterday, so I expect him to be ready to go for the opener. Justin McKoy just has an illness. I expect him to be back. I expect everyone back for the opener.”

Jalen Washington?

“He is doing five on five but it’s limited. There’s a chance he could be benched for the opener, but he is rapidly getting to a place where he’s going to be able to come back and sustain a long time.”

With D’Marco Dunn starting tonight, what gave you the confidence to put him in there with RJ out?

“Well, he earned it. I’ve always said if you play well in practice you’ll play and if you can front that with your play of the game, I’ll keep you on the floor. One of the things that I’ve talked to the guys about is stacking plays, stacking good plays, and stacking good practices and that’s something that D’Marco has done. So, giving him the start tonight, it was not anything that was given to him. He earned it, and I was very proud.”

Did you call many plays? Armando was talking about freelancing a lot.

“We put in our freelance against a zone. We thought that we might play a couple of freelance plays if they were going man and if they went zone, we had one freelance play and we actually put it in yesterday. I was really happy with them for putting something in against a zone just yesterday and to be able to move the ball and get the ball where we wanted it around the basket and to be able to spray it from three. I was really happy with it and it gives us an opportunity to look back at the film and to build on that. I feel like there are a lot of teams that are going to play zone against us, and we have to be really efficient in that area.”

Do you anticipate switching everything a lot on defense?

“I think we have the ability to do that this year. That’s different. I don’t think we did last year. I think we do this year. I feel very good with our big starting guards out on the perimeter. I feel very comfortable with our guards guarding bigs down the court. That’s something that we will do this year. 100 percent. That’s something I’ve always wanted to have, because when you have the ability to switch it takes teams out of their plays and makes them isolation, one-on-one teams. Teams that don’t have a dude that can break things down and be able to make plays will really struggle offensively. So defensively, that’s something we are definitely going to do this year.”





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