This side hustle is simple – all you need is a little creativity and you’ll bring in millions in passive income


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THERE’S an easy side hustle that brings in an unlimited amount of income – it just requires you to have a little creativity.

That’s the scoop from TikToker JoshArmijo5280, who regularly posts about money and side hustles.


There’s an easy way to make a side income up to millions in salesCredit: TikTok/josharmijo5280

Josh said it’s a super easy side hustle anyone can do.

“You can set it up in under an hour, plus it’s passive income,” the TikToker said.

Here are the steps to getting started.

First, you need to go to

My side hustle can make you up to $600 for scrolling through TikTok
My side hustle makes me $600 in a day and all I have to do is scroll on an app

Once there, you will be surrounded by a variety of options if you look up digital planners.

Many people create these, and they receive unlimited side income potential.

Josh said they can even go for $12 and more than hundred thousand people had purchased it.

“That’s close to a million dollars in sales,” Josh said.

There’s absolutely no packaging or shipping costs either.

This means without any upfront costs, you can collect a healthy amount of money if you design a quality planner.

“And it’s passive income,” Josh said.

“The crazy thing, it’s all profit,” he added.

The process

If you are interested in making this side hustle work for you, go to PLR planners.

Find one you love and post it on Etsy. It’s that simple.

“Since there’s no physical product, there’s no shipping,” Josh said to his followers.

More tips

Before establishing any sort of side hustle, you need to know you should report your earnings to the IRS.

This is taxable income, so you avoid being audited or facing heavy fines by submitting it alongside your other income.

There is a 6.5 percent transaction fee in the Etsy marketplace.

In establishing your Etsy account, you need to recognize the importance of establishing a niche.

This is what your customers will know you for and what they will ultimately keep coming back for.

Keep your quality high, and you will be well on your way to making millions in sales.

Other side hustles

If promoting a product on Etsy doesn’t sound up your alley, don’t fear.

There are still plenty of other side hustles that can bring you thousands each month.

For instance, if you have the creative ability, ghost writers can make more than $300,000 a year.

And one business blogger broke down three ways you can make money on websites like Instagram, Amazon Print on Demand and Substack Newspaper.

These side hustles include posting viral content, dropshipping and creating a podcast or blog.

All of them rely on your ability to market or grow a following however.

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Walmart recently unveiled a new creator platform where shoppers can earn money for discussing their purchases.

Plus, one woman quit her engineering job to pursue side hustles that bring her $10,000 collectively each month.

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