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As we’ve discussed, there is no native way to connect Shopify and Square. But don’t let that discourage you. Many apps create seamless ways to integrate the two. Webinology’s Checkout Republic app and SkuIQ both sync data between Shopify and Square. Zapier also uses automations to connect the two so they can work together for the best customer experience. Here’s a look at each workaround, including how they work and what they cost.

1. Webinology’s Checkout Republic App

Webinology, a certified Shopify Partner, offers the Checkout Republic App. This app connects Square Payments to Shopify seamlessly. The best part is that the experience is unnoticeable to your customers. Once integrated, the checkout process looks just like any other Shopify page with no need to redirect or otherwise slow down paying customers.

To install the app, you must simply visit the Checkout Republic website, then fill out the form and include your Shopify shop URL, username and password. The last step is to pay for setup and ongoing use. For your consideration, here is a demo of the customer experience you can expect.

The last step is where the drawback lies. While this is the easiest and most seamless option for integrating Square with Shopify, you will have to pay for the convenience and seamless customer experience. You must pay a one-time $500 fee. With this fee paid, all installation and setup tasks are put in the hands of Webinology, giving you a hassle-free installation process. Then, once installed, expect to pay a $30-per-month usage fee.

Webinology’s Checkout Republic App Demo

2. SkuIQ

The SkuIQ app allows you to add your Square products to Shopify with just a click. It does so by consolidating your Square and Shopify data. Fields that correspond to your Square product data—like item and variant name, stock keeping unit (SKU) and inventory levels—help to make this quick syncing process possible. Once synced, you can manage all your products from one dashboard, including viewing analytics and insights regarding your store’s sales and performance.

To use SkuIQ for syncing Square with Shopify, first sign up for a SkuIQ plan. Plans start at $35.00 per month when billed annually ($49 per month when billed monthly) and increase to $279 per month when billed annually ($349 per month when billed monthly). Plans differ by the number of orders per month, with its lowest-tiered plan starting at 400 orders per month and its highest tier topping out at 10,000 orders per month. SkuIQ offers a 30-day free trial.

Once you’ve signed up for a SkuIQ plan, you must authenticate your Shopify and Square accounts within the SkuIQ app, then add data to your Shopify or Square account. From there, sync SkuIQ to view all information in both Shopify and Square with no duplicate data in each.

SkuIQ Dashboard example

3. Zapier

Zapier is an automation software that allows you to use triggers and actions to move data between apps automatically and to make changes as a result of that moved data. For example, you can ask Zapier to add a customer to a certain group―for email retargeting, for example―when they abandon an online shopping cart. With trigger-based automations, you can create a seamless connectedness between Shopify and Square.

To do so, sign up for a Zapier plan. Plans range from free to $799 a month. Free accounts can process up to 100 tasks per month and the highest-tiered plan can process up to 100,000 tasks a month. Three plans in between offer a means for all businesses to choose one that matches their needs and budgets.

Once you’ve paid for a plan, begin setting up automations. You do so by first authenticating your Shopify and Square accounts with Zapier. Then, choose one of the apps you want to use as the trigger for an automation action. For example, you might choose the trigger “New paid order” in Square and the action “Update inventory quantity” in Shopify. Finally, select the data you want to send from one app to the other (in this case, from Square to Shopify).

Examples of Automated Shopify Triggers and Square Actions in Zapier

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