Talk Money Week: Are you comfortable talking about finance?


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This week is Talk Money Week and the focus is on encouraging people to talk about money, obviously, but what does that mean for you and those around you?

A third of Brits find it uncomfortable talking about money with friends or family. Over 20pc say they never discuss money with a friend or family member.

The numbers don’t improve the older we get, with 27pc of over 55s saying they have never discussed their money issues with anyone. So let’s change this.

Are you overdue a conversation about household finances with your partner or your children? Do you need to focus on talking calmly about money, not arguing about it?

Can you spend some time with your children talking about some of the basics of money – not just shouting at them when they leave the lights on again!

Is there a phone call you need to have to negotiate a new deal on your car insurance or your broadband? Are there invoices you have outstanding or quotes to send to a prospective customer that you’ve been putting off sending?

Face-to-face or remotely, every conversation counts.

Money Talk doesn’t need to be verbal – emails, online customer service “chatbots”, social media, messenger apps and texts all count, and can all help to make the money conversation come to life, and become easier and normal over the longer term.

If you’re not used to talking about money in a positive way, if you find you can’t get the words out or don’t know how to articulate what you need to say without getting emotional or opening up a potential argument, it can be tough.

So it is easy to step away, skirt around the issue or avoid the conversation completely – and the stats at the top of this email show you are not alone.

But if you can make a change – and you CAN make a change – the ripple effect for you and for those around you, who will also start to feel more comfortable around the money conversation in future, is phenomenal.

And if you are already confident in talking about money, it is easy to assume that everyone else finds it easy too, when that’s not necessarily the case. Use YOUR money talk skills to help someone else feel more confident around the topic.

So – Talk Money Week – it’s a good time to start the conversation. 

What one thing can you do today to make money talk easier for everyone?

For more from Norfolk-based financial expert Kim Uzzell head to or follow her on Instagram @kimuzzellmoneycoach.


If you are looking for financial help and advice, here are some of the resources you can turn to locally.

Norfolk Citizens Advice
Offers free, confidential and impartial advice on debt, benefits and money issues.
0800 1448 848

Money Support Service
Norfolk County Council service for those needing help with budgeting.
01603 223392 (option 4)

Community Action Norfolk
Charity offering help including warm homes and collective oil buying scheme.
01362 698216

Norfolk Community Foundation
Charity that runs schemes including nourishing Norfolk and community shops.
01603 623958

Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS)
Helps people who are in financial hardship and cannot pay their living costs.
0344 8008020

The Trussell Trust
Free ‘Help through Hardship’ helpline and foodbank search tool.
0808 208 2138

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