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Edinburgh’s traditional torchlight procession is cancelled this year

Aw, well, that’s the only worthwhile part. Cancel everything then the council can spend the money on more silly construction projects gone on too long.

What else are they going to pull the plug on? Soon there will we nothing left to lift people’s spirits The clowncil at their best!

We used to love the torchlight procession. What a shame!

Good man, security tried to stop me getting home because rugby fans walk that route, this would be just as nippy. Nothing against it, I just feel Edinburgh is all about portraying an image and can’t even fix the potholes in reality.

Considering Hogmanay is a mass gathering, is that cancelled too?

If they were on bikes, would it be allowed?

That’s a shame, just when the people of the city need a bit of light relief from all the economic woes at the moment.

The Tattoo was on this year, so why not have the torchlight procession?

Think they should just march in anger to the clowncil headquarters. They seem to put off everything that doesn’t make money -fireworks and now this.

No more money for NHS as strike looms, warns Scottish Health Secretary, Humza Yousaf

There are a lot people willing to pay for pescripions· I think some meds shouldnt be free. I’m older and pay for anything.

What about all the money spent on the tram project and the everlasting tram enquiry and the nonsense Spaces for People?

What about the money being saved for the independence campaign?

And this eejit and the rest of his party want a second referendum! It makes a lot or sense to me NOT to give you £20million. You could have put it to better use. Sadly Scotland would never make it alone.

Given the SNP have underfunded the NHS for years, nobody should be surprised it’s in chaos.

Lead by example – decrease everyone’s wages in parliament, stop the expenses scandal and give the people decent wages!

‘We’re all going to be paying a bit more tax’, warns Chancelloe Jeremy Hunt

Will he be taking a bit less pay and not take the expenses?

When are the plebs of this county ,as we have been called, going to waken up?

Perhaps the UK government should have adopted Ireland’s furlough scheme max €300 per week and they have to repay it in three years!

Will the rich pay more tax?

Over £35k they are talking about significant increases. Tax benefits on electric vehicles to be scrapped. And a whole host of other revenue raising to be brought in.

10 Edinburgh nightclubs – gone but not forgotten

The Casablanca (pre Flanagan’s). Shows how old I am. Some great groups there.

I worked on the door at Tiffany’s for five years.

They build flats next to them, folk move in and complain about the noise, club gets shut. It’ll be the Corn Exchange next.

Valentino’s was an amazing place.

The Lane was a very popular club from the mid to late nineties. Situated at Edinburgh’s West End, off Queensferry Street. The club DJ, Jon Flowers, played 70s to modern house, groove and a bit of techno. It was a cracking place.

Joy, Millionaires, CC Blooms, Chapps, Laughing Duck and best of them all – Fire Island.

Someone mentioned Nicky Tams but what about The Americana and The White Elephant – basket supper anyone?

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