NZ ‘technology-for-good’ Company, Ackama Acquires Australian Counterpart Common Code


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Rising ‘technology-for-good’ company Ackama, have
today announced the acquisition of Melbourne-based bespoke
software company, Common Code for $2.7 million, made up of a
combination of cash and shares.

The acquisition aims
to expand Ackama’s Australian footprint as it brings the
two socially-driven companies together, and paves the way
for increased growth in a booming Australian tech

The deal will lift Ackama’s revenue to over
NZD $12 million, with approximately 75% of its revenue
generated through exporting its services, as well as a staff
increase of 90% across Australia and New-Zealand.

companies have expressed the merger as an exciting
opportunity for growth, citing parallel strengths of
market-place maturity, digital expertise, staff culture, as
well as a shared ethos of tech-for-good.

“We have a
huge respect for Common Code’s track record, and we are
really enthusiastic to start a new chapter of our story with
such a like-minded team,’ says Breccan McLeod Lundy, CEO
and co-founder of Ackama.

“The merger means a step
up in capability across product management, UX and
development practices and means we can offer our clients
more at the top end of tech development and bring best
practices to every facet of what we do, while staying agile,
relevant and value-focused.”

Common Code was founded
in 2010 in Melbourne by developer Daryl Anthony, and has
since grown to a 25 people tech consultancy, specialising in
e-commerce, user interface and user experience design,
development of python open-source programming expertise,
training and consulting for social good initiatives. They
are one of the few tech companies to boast a 45%
representation of women in tech and leadership roles, with a
gender pay gap of nil (

Common Code founder
Daryl Anthony says, “This move represents a value
partnership that is greater than either could create on
their own. As founder of Common Code I’m proud of the role
we’ve played over the last decade and am excited for the
role we’ll play in the future with

Clients across the two companies include:
Good Sports
programme for the Alcohol and Drug
Foundation, the National
Youth Mental Health Foundation
, The Victorian
Women’s Trust
, Victoria’s
State Library
, Victoria’s Public Sector Commission, New-Zealand’s
sign language directory
, Mentorloop, Ethical Jobs and
Good On You, and the Australian and New Zealand

Ackama acquired Common Code wholly, with a
mix of cash and shares, at approximately three to four times
the EBIT-multiple. The Common Code brand will continue to
operate for the foreseeable future, and there are no
immediate plans to change the teams’ structures. Both
management teams remain in place.

Ackama accelerated
its growth path in a similar fashion in 2018 when it
acquired the web development agency Squareweave, the
digital team of Plot Media and an artificial
intelligence and chatbot company, Prefer.

Founder and CEO Breccan McLeod-Lundy founded the company in
2010 in Wellington, New-Zealand, establishing himself as an
independent contractor and web developer, and operating
under the brand Rabid Technologies. He was quickly joined in
his venture by current Ackama Director Josh

Ackama, now established in its niche of
‘using technology for social good initiatives’, has
aggressive growth and hiring plans for APAC, expecting a
double of staff over the next year, as it capitalises on
recent years’ momentum. For more information about Ackama
projects or career opportunities, please visit:


Ackama is an accredited supplier to the
Australian and New Zealand Governments and is registered on
a number of procurement panels. As long-time specialists in
cloud platforms, open-source software and end-user design,
Ackama has an established record of delivering significant
platform changes and enabling agencies to thrive in complex
digital environments. Delivering better services to citizens
and efficiency to governments, Ackama contributes to
improving social outcomes and enhancing organisational

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