Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How To Make Money Fast | Cash Farming Guide


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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet can be pretty stingy with cash — you won’t earn much unless you start completing very specific types of challenges. If you’re skipping trainers on the road, you’ll barely earn enough cash to pay for Pokeballs. If you’re looking for solid methods to get plenty of spending money on all the stuff you need while travelling the Paldea Region, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

One of the best ways to earn cash is through the new Tera Raid Battles. These battles earn you cash and materials you can sell — they’re faster than the raid battles from Sword & Shield, but there’s one fatal flaw. They spawn completely randomly in the environment. If you want to track them down while you’re exploring, you’ll have to follow the bright light in the distance. There is an easier way to access Tera Raid Battles — we’ll talk about Tera Raid Battles and more methods for earning quick cash below.

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Money Farming | Tera Raid Battles

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Tera Raid Battles are a new type of challenge exclusive to Scarlet & Violet. Entering a Tera Raid by interacting with the glowing nodes in the overworld, you’ll fight a random powerful Terastal Pokémon — crystal Pokémon with alternate types. Four trainers will work together to take down the Raid Pokémon. If you manage to defeat it, you’ll earn rewards and a chance to catch the Tera Raid Pokémon.

  • How To Earn Money With Tera Raids: Go to the Poke Portal on the menu [X] to join online Tera Raid Battles. Doing this, you can quickly access any Tera Raids without searching the map.
    • Collect Stardust, Pearls and Mushrooms by completing raids. Sell the drops for huge cash rewards.

One of the most important ways to earn money is by selling random stuff you find in the wilds or that drops from Pokémon. All Pokémon drop items you can sell. Tera Raids give you better item rewards the higher the star rating — you’ll unlock higher level Raid Battles as you progress. If you can’t take on higher level raids like 5-Star or even 6-Star, settle for the lower-level raids for quick completion and easy riches.

Money Farming | Meowth & Payday

Using Meowth, you can farm for infinite cash — while fighting trainers to earn some extra bonus money. Trainers can be fought more than once in the Paldea Region. Trainers will reset after an amount of time has passed in the overworld.

  • Meowth can learn a move called Pay Day. Using this skill will increase the money you earn at the end of a battle. This can be used multiple times to earn more money.
  • Where To Find Meowth: Find lots of Meowths everywhere, but we found one just outside Zapapico. They are an extremely common spawn in all regions.

You can find Meowth almost everywhere in Paldea. If your Meowth doesn’t have Pay Day at the moment, you may be able to get it by relearning — go to the Summary to find where you can swap moves. Any moves your Pokemon has ever learned can be relearned.

If you’re hungry for more money, these are some of your best options. Selling stuff will get quick cash for your trainer — and you’ll need it to stay stocked up on Pokeballs.

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