Ways to make money if you like talking


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There have been generations where parents discouraged their children from talking. According to them, it isn’t good for a child to talk too much.   

In this present day, having good public speaking skills is vital and is needed in almost every industry as there will always be the need for business owners to communicate with their prospective clients and partners.   

If you love speaking and you have developed your speaking skills then you not only have access to impact your world, but you can also make good cash from speaking.   

Discussed in this article are ways you can make money as a lover of speaking and help you make the most out of your speaking skills. 

1. Become a coach   

As an individual with great love and passion for speaking, you can make money from this skill by becoming a public speaking coach.  

There are quite a number of people interested in honing their public speaking skills either as a job requirement, passion or for business purposes.   

As one who is skilled in this art, you can monetise your public speaking skill by offering to coach others to become professionals like you.   

Not only can you become a public speaking coach, but you can also coach others using your speaking skill in other areas of your expertise.   

Here are tips that will help you become confident in public speaking.   

2. Become an On-Air Personality (OAP)  

As an individual who loves speaking, another way of making money through speaking is by becoming an On-Air Personality (OAP).  

An On-Air Personality is sometimes called a Broadcast Announcer. They are responsible for speaking or reading from scripted materials, including news reports or commercial messages, on television, radio, or other communication media.  

As an OAP, you must be fluent in communication especially speaking, carry your audience along, be creative, calm, and work under pressure.   

If you can do the above, you can sure make money by being an OAP.  

3. Become a customer service agent   

Another way you can make money through your speaking skill is by applying for a customer service job.  

We all must have had an interaction with a professional customer service agent at a time in our life and it’s unarguable that these individuals possess great speaking skills.   

To work as a customer service agent, in addition to your public speaking skill, you must have top-notch interpersonal skills, patience, the ability to listen, a talent for problem-solving, and a genuinely caring persona.  

If you possess the above skills in addition to your public speaking skills, then you can consider opting to become a customer service agent.   

4. Teaching  

I know this job isn’t new to many of us.   

While some people might complain that teaching is not lucrative, I will like to say that where you teach is also a great determinant if you will make good money out of teaching or not.  

You don’t necessarily have to be in the classroom before you can function as a teacher.  

Even in corporate environments, government parastatals, the fitness industry, and other sectors, teachers are always needed to teach workplace rules and policies or provide motivational talks.  

5. Become a motivational speaker  

Motivational speakers are gradually on the rise and if you know how to play your games right, it is also a lucrative job.   

Don’t be deceived, the job of a motivational speaker is not an easy one.   

As a motivational speaker, you must be able to use your communication skills to encourage people to do what they think they cannot.   

You must be able to inspire confidence in your audience and use your charisma and experience to push them to greater heights.  

If you think you have the speaking and delivery skills to move an entire audience of people, you might be ideal for a role as a motivational speaker.  

People need motivation with the whole set of challenges facing the nation, just know how to get your audience and I bet you will make some cool cash.   

6. Become an interpreter   

There are approximately 6,500 spoken languages in the world today.   

There are many times when people need to communicate with others who don’t know their language and that’s where an interpreter comes in.  

Being an interpreter for verbal communications means that you’ll always speak during your workday.  

If you’re bilingual, that is, you understand and can speak two languages fluently, and you enjoy talking in your day-to-day life, becoming an interpreter is a perfect fit.  

If you’re able to hone your skills and get the right connection, you will surely earn a good amount of money.   

The list of available ways of making money as a lover of speaking is vast. All you need to do is explore the act of speaking and choose the field that suits you best.  



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