Bought $1,000 of Rio Tinto shares 10 years ago? Here’s how much dividend income you’ve received


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Those invested in Rio Tinto Limited (ASX: RIO) shares have likely had a good year. The stock has lifted 15% since the start of 2022.

But those who have held the S&P/ASX 200 Index (ASX: XJO) iron ore giant’s stock for longer – say 10 years – have realised far greater gains.

The Rio Tinto share price has outperformed over the last decade. If one were to have bought $1,000 of Rio Tinto shares in December 2012, they likely would have walked away with 15 shares, paying around $65 apiece, and $25 change.

Today, that parcel would be worth $1,722.15. The Rio Tinto share price is currently $114.81 – 77% higher than it was 10 years ago.

For comparison, the ASX 200 has gained around 56% in that time.

But what about the company’s dividends? Here’s how a long-term investor’s money would have worked for them over the last decade.

How much have Rio Tinto shares paid in dividends in 10 years?

Here’re all the dividends handed out by Rio Tinto over the last decade, rounded to the nearest whole cent: 

NAB dividends’ pay date Type Dividend amount
September 2022 Interim $3.84
April 2022 Final and special $5.77 and 86 cents
September 2021 Interim and special $5.09 and $2.51
April 2021 Final and special $3.97 and $1.20
September 2020 Interim $2.16
April 2020 Final $3.50
September 2019 Interim and special $2.19 and 89 cents
April 2019 Final and special $2.51 and $3.39
September 2018 Interim $1.71
April 2018 Final $2.29
September 2017 Interim $1.38
April 2017 Final $1.64
September 2016 Interim 59 cents
April 2016 Final $1.52
September 2015 Interim $1.45
April 2015 Final $1.53
September 2014 Interim $1.03
April 2014 Final $1.20
September 2013 Interim 93 cents
April 2013 Final 92 cents
Total:   $54.07

All up, one Rio Tinto share would have seen an investor cash in around $54.07 of fully franked dividends over the last decade.

That means our figurative $975 investment would have yielded $811.05 of passive income. That’s certainly nothing to scoff at!

If we also consider the gains posted by the Rio Tinto share price, the stock’s approximate return on investment over the last 10 years comes in at a whopping 160%.

That could have been even higher if our figurative investor had compounded their dividends, perhaps using the company’s dividend reinvestment plan (DRP).

Right now, Rio Tinto shares are trading with an 8.37% dividend yield.

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