What is the fastest way to make a million dollars in GTA Online after the Los Santos Drug Wars update?


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Every major update to GTA Online brings new businesses and missions as fresh money-making opportunities for players. The new Los Santos Drug Wars DLC is no different, with its new Acid Lab business and several contemporary First Dose missions.

The DLC references the popular TV show Breaking Bad, wherein the central characters set up a similar methamphetamine business. Fans of the show would remember the insane amounts the characters in the show can make in a short time and the newly added Acid Lab in GTA Online is no different.

Read on to find out how to quickly use the Acid Lab to make more than a million dollars in GTA Online.

Best method to make $1,000,000 quickly in GTA Online (December 2022)

Los Santos Drug WarsThe opening chapter in a mind-expanding new GTA Online story update featuring a ragtag crew with high hopes of dosing the world and climbing to the top of the criminal food chain. Now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC: rsg.ms/a2267be https://t.co/FDCnrmg4Wz

After players boot up their updated game and spend a few idle minutes in the public lobby, they’ll receive a call from Ron, launching them into the First Dose missions. This is a set of six missions where the player teams up with Dax and the Fooliganz to procure all the necessary materials to create their Acid Lab.

Each mission here, except the 4th, where most of the mission is based on a hallucination that the player’s GTA Online character has, yields players a minimum of $30,000.

This number can be exponentially heightened if players complete all the sub-challenges in these missions. But even without them, making $150,000 for completing relatively small and easy missions is a great boon of the new DLC.

The Freakshop, a new psychedelic haven under the LS Highway, is where you can access a Weapon Workshop to upgrade your arsenal, as well as modify the new MTL Brickade 6×6 heavy-duty vehicle and Maibatsu Manchez Scout C motorcycle in Los Santos Drug Wars.rsg.ms/a2267be https://t.co/LlNUBktM7G

After these missions are completed, players will have to square up a $750,000 sum to set up their Acid Lab business in their newly acquired Brickade 6×6. While this initial cost may seem steep to some GTA Online players, Players should note that they’ll be making more than $220,000 for every full-size delivery.

It takes almost 2 hours for an entire batch to be produced, so players will recover the cost of setting up the lab and profit in less than 24 hours of spending the $750,000. While doing just 5 of these deliveries, which are relatively simple missions akin to delivering Amazon packages, will make you a millionaire, there are a few more ways to make even more money faster.

Los Santos Drug Wars introduces a wide range of experience improvements, including increased payouts in Smuggler’s Sell Missions, the ability to launch Business Sell Missions from the Benefactor Terrorbyte in all Session types, and more.rsg.ms/a2267be https://t.co/y634zvkzbQ

For one, doing Fooliganz jobs is a great way to make some extra money because, in addition to the substantial cash rewards, players will also score extra equipment for the Acid Lab. This will, in turn, boost production speed, allowing players to make more deliveries every day.

Another significant addition to the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC is the addition of new Smuggler’s Sell missions, whose payouts have been tripled by Rockstar, with extra bonuses for High Demand sales of cars in public sessions. The participation rewards on these missions have also been tripled.

If Smuggler’s Run missions do not strike your fancy, then Export Import trade can also be incredibly beneficial with the new economy options added during the last GTA Online update.

Participating in the above activities and by launching various in-game businesses, a player can quickly earn up to a million bucks in GTA Online.

For comprehensive guides and walkthroughs, check out SK GTA Wiki

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