3 Ways to Save More on Amazon in 2023


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Here’s how to shop online for less.

Key points

  • Amazon shoppers commonly enjoy low prices on a range of items.
  • Taking advantage of certain programs and features could result in added savings.
  • Consider trying out a Prime membership, sign up for Subscribe & Save, and check out Amazon Outlet.

Some people use Amazon for the low prices it offers. Others like Amazon because it’s a great alternative to having to leave the house and set foot in a crowded store. No matter your motivation for shopping on Amazon, with the right strategy, you can spend even less on your shopping in 2023. Here’s how.

1. Get a Prime membership

The cost of Amazon Prime went up this year to $139 a year. In spite of that, joining Prime could actually result in big savings.

First of all, there’s free shipping without an order minimum. That’s a huge money saver. How often have you added extra items you didn’t need to your cart to make the $25 minimum for free shipping? As a Prime member, you won’t have to do that. You can have a $6 item delivered to your door at no cost.

Plus, as a Prime member, you can take advantage of programs like Try Before You Buy. This program lets you try on clothing and footwear for a week before being charged for it. If the items fit well and you decide to keep them, you simply check out as normal. Otherwise, you can send them back for free and your credit card won’t be charged.

2. Have items you use regularly ship out automatically

Whether you have a pet whose food supply you frequently need to restock or young kids who lead you to go through things like paper towels at a rapid clip, Amazon makes it easy and less expensive to load up on the items you need. If you sign up for its Subscribe & Save program, you can arrange to have different items delivered to your door on a schedule you set up, whether it’s monthly, every other month, or every three months.

The best part? You can save up to 15% when you receive five or more products in the same auto-delivery within a given month. So if you time your deliveries accordingly, you’ll spend less on the essentials you use all the time.

Plus, you don’t need an Amazon Prime membership to use Subscribe & Save. So if you decide that the $139 annual fee isn’t worth paying, it won’t stop you from taking advantage of automatic deliveries and the savings they can come with.

3. Shop the outlet

You’ll find competitive prices all over Amazon’s site. But if you specifically shop Amazon Outlet, you might save even more.

Amazon Outlet is loaded with discounts, largely as a result of overstocked items. Think of it like shopping at an outlet mall, only without having to put on pants, leave the house, and make small talk with a well-meaning cashier who wants to know if you found everything okay.

Whether you’ve been using Amazon for years or only more recently started shopping the site, these are only a few of many ways you can save money on the things you need and want. It pays to look out for the different deals Amazon releases throughout the year, because you never know when a specific item on your list is going to have its price dramatically lowered.

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