Joynal’s library: A day labourer’s love for books


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The year 2013 came along. The number of books in the library increased to 200. Students and the villagers were regularly reading the books and everything was going great. But then a clash took place at the village during an election, which even claimed one life.

After the incident, all men from Satbhita fled the area, fearing safety. During all this commotion, the library also got shut down.

“I felt terrible. I had no other choice but to donate the books with the rack to a different library,” Joynal said.

Joynal returned to Gazipur, but his heart was still stuck on the pages of books. He was engrossed with thoughts of how to again build a library.

Once again, he started collecting books. This time, he began growing his collection at a corner of his room. He started delivering books from his collection to the people in his village and collect them himself after a certain period.

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