Top 5 GTA Online businesses for making money in 2023


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GTA Online has no shortage of good businesses in 2023. However, not all of them are ideal for making money. Some people value time, while others value earning as much cash as possible. This article will take both ideas into consideration for forming a listicle.

Something like the Document Forgery won’t be anywhere near this list since its payout is far too low compared to what players can make elsewhere. Similarly, some decent options won’t be on it since there can only be five entries.

Bunkers, hangars, and more lucrative businesses in GTA Online (2023)

5) Bunker

A screenshot of a random Bunker (Image via Rockstar Games)
A screenshot of a random Bunker (Image via Rockstar Games)

Bunker Sell Missions can give players a ludicrous amount of money at the disadvantage of taking a long time for the inventory to max out. Still, GTA Online players can make a ton of cash using this business over some others that are quicker but pay far less by comparison.

Also, you can complete Ammu-Nation Contracts to earn an easy $50,000 in just a few minutes of work. Cargobob owners can easily clear that task while their inventory for the Sell Missions slowly accumulates.

The other properties ranked higher than the Bunker on this list either pay more per hour or are far easier to use for a casual gamer.

4) C*caine Lockup

An official screenshot associated with this business (Image via Rockstar Games)
An official screenshot associated with this business (Image via Rockstar Games)

The best MC Business for making money in GTA Online is the Cocaine Lockup. It generates more cash than its counterparts. Here is an example of some max payouts when you sell somewhere far from your current location:

  • C*caine Lockup: $337,500
  • M*thamphetamine Lab: $258,750
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory: $200,834
  • W**d Farm: $148,334
  • Document Forgery Office: $67,464

The time to max out the C*caine Lockup only takes five hours, so it’s not as if it takes any longer than its alternatives. If GTA Online players had to pick any asset of the five listed above, then the C*caine Lockup makes the most sense from a financial standpoint.

3) Nightclubs

The best AFK option (Image via Rockstar Games)
The best AFK option (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are two ways to make money from a Nightclub in GTA Online:

  • Passive income of up to $50,000 every in-game day (48 minutes in real life)
  • Sell Missions

Both options are passive and hardly require any input from the player. Maximizing Nightclub Popularity is extremely easy since Marcel often tasks players to throw out a rowdy patron. If that’s not available, one can just replace the DJ for $10,000, which is quite cheap.

If you want something extremely easy to run while generating a good profit as you AFK, then the Nightclub is the best property to own. You can even AFK forever on the garage menu from outside the building, a feat that is not usually possible with other methods.

GTA Online players who do Nightclub Sell Missions can sell a whole inventory in only ten or so minutes, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars. The main drawback here is that you need to own some other specific businesses to maximize this particular feature.

2) Acid Labs

An official screenshot tied to this business (Image via Rockstar Games)
An official screenshot tied to this business (Image via Rockstar Games)

This business doesn’t offer an insane amount of money from its Sell Missions, but the amount of money you earn with it over time is deceptive. You can basically do multiple Acid Lab’s Sell Missions compared to something like a Bunker, which seems to pay far more at first glance, but less per hour than the Acid Lab. There are several advantages to why GTA Online players should consider it:

  • Its vehicle is free to get, and setting up the Acid Lab doesn’t cost much compared to other businesses
  • Players can max out the stock pretty quickly with its Equipment Upgrade
  • It’s another passive income option (assuming you buy all the supplies)

Its max payout with its Equipment Upgrade is $335,200. It might not seem like a lot at first, but buying supplies and doing the Sell Missions only takes about ten minutes of work. Owning an Acid Lab is extremely easy in GTA Online, especially since you can focus on other activities.

Considering you can easily farm the Acid Lab’s Sell Missions faster than other properties, it’s worth highlighting its value here. Just remember to boost it whenever possible.

1) Hangars


This business has arguably been the best for making a ton of money since Hangars received a permanent 3x boost to all Sell Missions. Its max revenue can scale from $4,470,000 to $5,070,000, depending on the product you’re selling.

However, a High Demand Bonus with 22 players in a lobby boosts the previous amount. The range with a High Demand Bonus goes from $6,928,500 to $7,858,500. That’s an insane amount of money to make, although it should be noted that Sell Missions can be challenging for solo players.

However, those with a buddy can easily make millions on every Sell Mission. Completing the Source Missions shouldn’t be too difficult for skilled pilots.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

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