5 best Minecraft Survival servers in 2023


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So you’ve finally decided to stop playing the vanilla version of Minecraft, and want to know about the best servers out there? If you’re a player that wants to stick to survival but has the ability to play with friends or make new friends in-game, you’ve come to the right place.

Minecraft multiplayer servers have been around for a while and some have grown to be heavily liked by the community. Here is a list of five of the best Minecraft Survival servers that should entice all types of players.

Minecraft Survival servers allow for great moments with friends

5) Purple Ore

IP address: purpleore.net

Purple Ore is an amazing survival server (Image via Mojang)
Purple Ore is an amazing survival server (Image via Mojang)

Purple Ore is a Minecraft server that focuses on the survival genre. The server has a large community, and the staff are friendly and helpful. It has a variety of plugins to help keep you safe while playing, including Grief Prevention, Death Chest, and SlimeFun. This means that your items will always be protected from other players or mobs when you die.

Purple Ore has many different worlds for players to explore and enjoy. You can start off by building your own house before moving into one of the many towns on the map. There’s also an arena where players can battle each other in PvP combat. Players will now have access to over 70 unique custom items in this world as well as over 40 different blocks, including quicksand-like sandstone, which allows for interesting traps to be made.

Purple Ore is a survival server with a focus on community, fun, and games. The server has a friendly and helpful community. There are several different game modes to choose from, such as Skyblock, Survival Games and Prison.

4) Vulengate

IP address: play.vulengate.com

Vulengate is a top survival server (Image via Mojang)
Vulengate is a top survival server (Image via Mojang)

Vulengate is a survival server, with a twist. While you’re busy trying to survive the harsh environment, there are many different ways to earn money on the server — from selling items in shops to making huge cities and hiring people. If you’re looking for something more than just surviving and building your own house, this is the right choice for you.

There are also many different ways to earn money on the server, such as mining for diamonds, or slaying mobs for their resources.

This server is very active, with many players online at any given time. There’s a friendly community that welcomes new players . If you’re interested in joining, definitely go check it out!

3) Penguin.GG

IP address: penguin.gg

Penguin.GG offers an amazing survival world! (Image via Mojang)
Penguin.GG offers an amazing survival world! (Image via Mojang)

This is one of the best Minecraft servers for players who want to focus on survival. It has a large map, and there are no banned items, so you can pretty much do whatever you want with this server (as long as you comply with their rules). Penguin.GG also has a wide variety of plugins that add new features and gameplay elements to the game, making it much more interesting than regular Minecraft servers that only have vanilla features.

If you’re looking for a place to play with friends, then Penguin.GG is an excellent choice because it allows all of your friends to team up together. The server also offers great protection against griefing: if someone destroys their buildings while they’re offline, they will lose access to those items when they log back in (and likely be banned)—so you can expect no dirty plays from other players!

2) CraftYourTown

IP address: best.craftyourtown.com

CraftYourTown is a fabulous survival server (Image via Mojang)
CraftYourTown is a fabulous survival server (Image via Mojang)

CraftYourTown is a great server for those who enjoy building their own town and farm, or just want to hang out with friends. As far as gameplay goes, this server offers a lot of freedom in terms of what your town looks like—from its size and shape to what kinds of buildings are available for construction. It also offers several different types of custom plugins. If you’re looking for something more traditional and out-of-the-box, then CraftYourTown might not be for you; however, if you enjoy being able to create your own unique experience in Minecraft then this may be just right!

The staff members here try their best to keep everything balanced so no one person gets an unfair advantage over another player (or group). This makes CraftYourTown great for beginners because there aren’t any special perks given based on skill levels or anything as such yet, but it also makes it good for those who have been playing Minecraft for a while and are just looking for a good time.

1) Applecraft

IP address: best.applecraft.org

Applecraft is the best survival server (Image via Mojang)
Applecraft is the best survival server (Image via Mojang)

Applecraft is a great place to play Minecraft without having to allocate time to mods, as it has none. The server’s main emphasis is on survival and community. Players must mine for ore and craft their own tools.

Applecraft utilizes many plugins to manage its economy and gameplay mechanics. These include an anti-griefing plugin that prevents players from destroying blocks without permission, a global chat system so you can communicate with other players even if they’re not in your faction, a crate looting plugin that allows players you want to have access to crates full of goodies when you open them, and more.

By focusing on core mechanics like mining rather than frivolous features like teleportation or instant crafting, Applecraft sets itself apart from other servers in this list by creating a true survival experience with real consequences for failure–and rewards for success!

Minecraft Survival server tips and tricks

  • If you’re not quite sure in your PvP abilities, search for a Survival server that lets you disable PvP. This feature is provided by Purple Ore.
  • Remember that griefing can be permitted depending on the Survival server you choose to play on. There’s no need to worry, though, as all of the servers on the list above will let you use in-game instructions to defend your builds against griefers.
  • There may be a variety of various plugins available, depending on the Survival server you’re on, that can give you special skills or advantages. /tpa player, /fly, /feed, /warp, /spawn, /shop, and /kit are just a few of the plugins to look for on servers.
  • Turn on the coordinates in the game’s settings. Every time you play, sit down with a notepad and make notes or snap screenshots of significant locations so you have their coordinates and can return to them if necessary.
  • The player-based economy on Survival servers is powered by in-game money. The methods for earning this currency may vary depending on the server you’re playing on, but they typically involve trading, mining, or dispatching monsters. Ask veteran players or the server staff about the best ways to make money on the server if you’re a new user.

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