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As more people seem to be relying more on online resources, from researching products to reading hotel reviews, businesses are relying more on digital marketing to reach their target customers.

While some companies may have the resources to handle marketing strategies and plan executions in-house, many look to a digital agency. In Thailand, IBEX Media offers organisations large and small a full range of digital agency services, expanding their online presence to market their products and services.

What is a digital agency?

A digital agency, in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, should be able to provide customised services that meet a company’s needs, very similar to brick-and-mortar marketing and advertising. But, as the name suggests, these services are digital and can include search engine optimisation, web design, social media management, content development, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and more. Each of these services target different aspects of the online world that offer businesses platforms to market their brands and messaging. 

An effective digital agency will be able to assess a company’s needs and determine the ideal strategy to reach their target audience and, ideally, convert this contact into sales or other measurable returns on investment. Because of the multimedia nature of the online world, many digital agencies will take on multiple roles, from web design to video production to content marketing, as there is an overlap. Think of bespoke videos on social media platforms linked to ecommerce sites and blogs and such.

What can a digital agency do?

Nevertheless, a digital agency in Thailand, such as IBEX Media, can leverage a wide range of technologies and platforms to create a cohesive marketing plan or campaign. By understanding a client’s aims, they can identify what technology or platform would suit them. For example, an explainer video on Facebook could help an appliance company target certain demographics and show off their latest products, creating interest that could lead to sales. For younger audiences, a cosmetics company may want to develop a campaign with influencers on Instagram. In other cases, a simple email campaign offering a special promotion with links to an organisation’s website might be the best option.

A benefit of many of these platforms and portals that digital agencies can use for their clients is that most offer comprehensive tracking and statistical analysis tools. These, along with other marketing apps, can be used to track a campaign’s progress, providing reports that can be broken down by different variables, from age to marital status to location. Often, these results can be accessed in almost real-time. This then allows an agency not only the ability to brief customers on progress, but they can also offer suggestions to improve results that can be implemented immediately.

Why engage a digital agency?

Some organisations may think that posting to social media or creating a website is easy and that they do not need to hire an outside digital agency for such “simple” tasks. However, when business is at stake, engaging skilled professionals may be necessary. Also, digital agencies could provide additional insights.

While “digital” used to cover the internet, technology has brought about myriad platforms and services so that companies have to contend with multiple social networks, mobile interfaces, software and mobile applications, and now, the metaverse. To make matters more complex, each potential touchpoint has its own user demographics, interface, advantages, and disadvantages that need to be identified, analysed, and monitored as they go through updates and policy changes. This requires time and resources that a company may prefer to expend on its core business.

A company might outsource payroll or other operations because it realises that it could benefit from such specialised skills, and so could be the case with a digital agency. For one thing, the company can save time and money by availing itself of experts who could probably achieve their goals much more efficiently and effectively. An agency may also have subscriptions to useful tools that a company would need to spend more money on if it were to try to handle its own digital marketing. Furthermore, a digital agency can focus on social media and other online engagement on their customers’ behalf. This could be key if responding to comments and maintaining an updated online presence is a major part of their digital marketing strategy.

What should be expected of a digital agency?

As a digital agency in Thailand, IBEX Media is dedicated to the highest performance standards for their clients and wants to share what should be expected of any digital agency. Clients may already have branding and messaging in place, with clear-cut visions and goals, but a digital agency should be able to translate that into actionable, effective strategies for online and social media platforms. And any digital strategy should not waver from the client’s established goals; rather, it should enhance them, focusing directly on the target audience for which they were created. 

While lead generation and sales may be the main goal for a company, there may be other intermediary ones, such as brand recognition or conveying a specific message. To fully comprehend client needs, a digital agency must be open to communication with its clients and keep the conversation going through the entire process. This is key regardless of whether the client has an internal marketing team or not. If the client does, then the agency should work seamlessly in cooperation with what they are doing, not in contradiction or doubling up on undertakings. 

This means that the agency should try to convince a client to change its direction just to fit with a standard digital campaign template. Companies may have similar aims – to get more customers, make money – but they do not necessarily go about it the same way. Even organisations in the same sector will want to stand out from its competitors and peers. A digital agency should offer strategies and approaches just for the client in question that are crafted to its brand and vision and is agile and adaptable to respond to feedback and changes. 

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