Lisa Johnson Shares Her Secrets To Making Money Online


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Entrepreneur and author Lisa Johnson released her new business book, Make Money Online: Halve Your Hours, Double Your Earnings & Love Your Life. In her book, Lisa shares her secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the digital world. Johnson covers everything from developing an online presence to creating a profitable business model.

No stranger to success, Johnson talks about the challenges and missteps she faced on her journey to financial success. From overcoming self-worth and money mindset issues leading her to six-figure launches, Johnson knows a thing about making money online.

Here are a few tips that Johnson leaves you with in her new book:

1. Be strategic with how you make money

When earning an income, having a strategic mindset is essential for long-term financial success. Instead of starting a business to pay the bills, Johnson advises her readers to think about what type of business they want to create that will generate a higher return over time. By taking a strategic approach to earning money and seeking growth-oriented opportunities, your earning potential will ultimately be much greater than if you take a short-sighted route based solely on a quick dollar. Invest in yourself now so you can reap the rewards later.

2. Discover the power of passive and semi-passive income

The modern economy is about leveraging passive and semi-passive income streams to get ahead. By turning physical or digital products into revenue-generating assets, you can gain financial freedom without putting in as much effort as a traditional job. Creating online courses, affiliate marketing, and real estate rental are all proven methods for gaining sustainable income in an automated way. Additionally, passive income sources give you the power to reinvest your initial capital into other income sources, creating exponential growth. Investing your time today in exploring opportunities to build a solid passive or semi-passive revenue stream can be the first step towards achieving financial independence in the long run.

3. Think one to many

Serving one to many is an efficient way to make a difference in lives beyond the scope of a single individual. This approach can also maximize resources and expand impact. Rather than focusing on providing only one person with assistance, why not broaden the scope and extend influence to support more people? Doing so can be a powerful way of amplifying positive impact on communities. By shifting your energy away from one-on-one efforts, you can enable real systemic change that could benefit multiple people and produce lasting results.

4. Why mindset matters

Having a strong and positive mindset can help bring tremendous business success. Those with resilient and adaptable attitudes are more likely to take risks, look for creative solutions, and persevere in adversity. As the business world is constantly changing and evolving, staying agile and confident will ensure that you can take advantage of new opportunities. Beyond that, an optimistic outlook toward challenges encourages an environment of openness among colleagues, which leads to productive conversations in brainstorming sessions. Strong-minded entrepreneurs can have greater confidence as they build their businesses by trusting their judgement and decisions. Mindset matters because it ultimately sets the tone for how you feel about your work and fuels long-term success in business.

This book is worth reading with different ideas and actionable exercises if you want to start a business by making money online. Outlined are a few tips Johnson offers readers, but there are far more where these tips came from in the book.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for advice on how best to make money online, look no further than Lisa Johnson’s new book Make Money Online. Her book covers everything from developing an effective web presence to creating engaging content through developing a profitable business model—it truly is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build their successful digital empire. Whether you’re just getting started or already have an online presence, there’s something here for everyone.

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